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RETREVNOC - Venkata Koneru

Venkata Koneru RETREVNOC

venkata Koneru

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of RETREVNOC - Venkata Koneru

Work Package - 3 Agenda Listing of activities & tasks Time Plan & Co-ordination Distribution of activities Other items Lunch Introduction WP - 3 - Exhaust Gas Cleaning Identify & evaluation of existing methods Methods under development NOx, SOx, VOC, PM, Methane Slip Methods of Future Application to Fuels in WP-2 All possible impacts on environment Activities NOx reduction Methods SOx reduction Methods PM reduction Methods Combined Methods Influencing Factors Effect on the objective Influencing Factors Fuel Specifications and realted studies - WP 2 Choice of Systems and effecting configurations - WP 4 & WP 5 Choice of engines or engine types selected for final design -Wärtsilä & Scandinaos , WP 1 Any special logistic considerations -Wärtsilä & Scandinaos , WP 1 NOx reduction Methods SCR Technology with Urea NOx reduction without Urea CSNOx HC-SCR EGR Fuel Water Emulsions HAM - Humid Air Motors Engine Modifications Membrane Fuel Switch NOx Adsorption Traps Non thermal plasma NOx Scrubbing SOx reduction Methods EGC SOx Scrubber - Wärtsilä Sea Water Scrubbing - Hamworthy-Krystallon Wetpac Technology DryECGS SystemCouple Systems CSNOx PM Reduction Methods EGR + DPF DPF Reactor EGR + Cold Flame reactor SCR Technology Regulations & operating Route Combined Methods SCR + EGR CSNOx SCR+SOx SCR+DryECGS SCR+DPF SCR+EGR+SOx Distribution of Activities D.E.C. Marine AB Wärtsilä Chalmers SCANDINAOS SSPA Time Plan & Co-ordination WHO WHEN WHAT DEC SSPA Wärtsilä Scandinaos Other Items
& Discussions Coffe & Introduction 29th April 2010
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