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Power Pointe Workshop

The CVYB Dancer's positive self-care & team care wellness program

gina poblete

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Power Pointe Workshop

Do you find yourself lacking

"Power Pointe" Workshop
WHY is this important?
Dancing goes beyond the dance studio; it is not just about technique!
To be our BEST, inside (emotions) is just as important as outside (physical)
We learn LIFE lessons as a dancer
We do not dance alone, we are a TEAM! CVYB is FAMILY!!
Our journey is tough but unique! We are extraordinary individuals that work harder than most; we strive for 101% always!!
We take pride in having good values, being well mannered, a balanced individual, a good student with strong leadership skills.
A CVYB dancer strives to be an outstanding & exemplary individual in our community!
Do you struggle balancing homework, family, other hobbies, just keeping it together?
Are there days when you feel things are just not going right? Blah mood?
Challenges of a dancer
Do you sometimes feel so tired you just want to cry?
Do you get nervous and anxious especially before a performance?
The CVYB Dancer's positive self & team care program
"POWER POINTE" is a workshop that will guide you in caring for your heart, mind and body
Do you sometimes feel so cranky and negative?
COMMUNICATE! We all need to VENT!
Power Pointe program will give you the positive space to recharge and gain inner strength & POWER!
We're all in this together! YOU are not alone!

Gaining POWER while having FUN!
Talks on special topics, exercises, games, team building...

A Dancer's Self-confidence:
"The dancer with conviction has power; If you believe in yourself, everybody else probably will, too. (Humphrey, 1951, p.84)
Body types:
Body Types
Maria Kowroski,
Principal NY City Ballet
Jennifer Ringer, Principal NY City Ballet
Darcy Bussell, Former Principal, Royal Ballet
Wendy Whelan, Principal NY City Ballet
Misty Copeland, soloist American Ballet Theatre
Best self exercise:
Form a circle and look across the room...
Q: When I am at my
what are the
qualities/attributes/traits that describe ME?
Choose 2-3 strengths that describe YOU most!
Hint: The good things people say about YOU!
Share answers with your partner
Write each other's answers on sticky labels, neatly
Beauty & the BEST!
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