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The Scorch Trials

No description

Jordynn Thompson

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

Thomas can yet return home. :(
The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
The image below serves as my symbol for my book!

There isn't really a "home" setting. This is a smiler picture to what i imagine the place they were staying in is like.
Present (their time)
This is a "safe house"
Its comfortable, safe,and relaxing
Hero's cycle
The call to adventure was when a man showed up at their safe house and told them that they were going to have to leave. He told them that he was sent from WICKED.
Crossing the threshold
They stepped a cross the threshold into the "outer" world the moment they stepped into the flat trans.
The Scorch Trials
The hero in my book was Thomas. He embodies the heroic trait of. Loyalty, kindness,braveness and leadership.
I chose this specific image to represent the cure. In The Scorch Trials there is a disease called the flare. My hero and his friends supposedly have this disease. The connection I made to the hands and liquid in the novel are. The hands of the people that have the cure and the "cure" is the liquid in the jar.
The "outer" world.
Present (their time)
Its like a desert
It is a hot,dry and dangers place

To prepare to leave they stocked up on the food that was brought for them. They took sheets off the beds and turned them into "backpacks".
The call to adventure
The mentor
The man that showed up to their safe house was kind of like a mentor. This is because they always referenced the things he told them.
The allies and enemies
The allies he made were Jorge and Brenda.
The enemies were an assortment of different creatures and a blond guy a women with a ponytail and a tall and ugly man.
The first trial that my hero and his friends encounter happened after they crossed the threshold. They were attacked by head eating metal balls. After passing though that the walked for 2-3 days in a desert to reach a town. When they were just about to enter the town a storm hit. Killing and wounding people that were in his group. They entered the town and rested for a while. That's were they meet their new friends that help them get to the safe haven.

Supreme Ordeal

The supreme ordeal was when they. Had a huge fight against creatures that came out of pods.

Thomas was able to get a grasp on all the things that have happened over the last 2weeks. He is also staring to think things out and he is able to control his fears.
There is no crossing back... yet.
What would have happened if Thomas hadn't gotten to the safe haven in time?
Why would the man ask Thomas to chose between Brenda and Jorge?
yes I would defiantly recommend this book as something to read over the summer. I think its an amazing read that you will get hooked on. Epically if you love books that are like the hunger games. Epic adventures and quite a few romantic moments. Although its the second book in the series so you would have to read The Maze Runner first.
By Jordynn Thompson
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