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The Odyssey Presentation

A description and an a analysis of the book, and a summary of what is going on in The Odyssey.

Olivia Cary

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of The Odyssey Presentation

Book XII By: Olivia Cary Odysess and his crew were headed to reach Aeaern Island in return from Hades First, Circe told Odysess and his men
that they will come to the Sirens. The Sirens enchant all who come near them. Next the crew will come upon two rock,
that are one of many obstacle in
their journey. No ship that ever came upon the rocks has made it past them, but one. the one and only ship that ever made it through was the famous Argo Of these two rocks one reaches heaven, its peak is yet lost in the clouds of the sky. Then crew will them come to the
Thrinacian Island. This is the journey the crew
will be taking from Aeaern Island. One of their obstacles is to get by Scylla. She is not a mortal, however she is savage, extreme, rude, cruel, and invincible. The only way that seems possible, is to get by
her as fast as you can, or there is no chance. "You will now come to the Thrinacian Island." Here you will come upon many herds of cattle and flock of sheep. These animals all belonging to the sun-god. Their journey began the next moning,
to reach home. They were well on their way and thought
they could make it by the Sirens,
but when the Sirens saw them,
they began to sing very loudly. The crew then entered the Straits in great fear of mind because they would have to face Scylla. Scylla came and took six of Odyseeus best men. The last words from his crews mouths were the pleeds of his name. The Crew was warned not to eat the sun cows. But when they were told to they were also told to pray and worship what they have, and what they get to eat. All of the men were thrown into the ocean, but Odysess was taken to Ogygian Island. He was saved by Calypso, great and powerful goddess. Book 1 Poseidon is angry because Odysess killed his son. Now Poseidon wants to get revenge on him. In spite of his anger he trapped
Odysess on Ogygia Island. Athene goes to talk to Poseidons son,Telemachus.
Athene later kills the suitors. After Athene talks to Telemachus,
he goes on a jounery to Sparta. BOOK IX Odysseus and his men were on their way home when a strong wind drove them to Polyphemus' island. There they were forced to search for food or had to starv. They searched the land for hope to find food, they found many sheep but kept searching for something better. Once they came upon a cave they went in and found some cheese. They thought they would be welcome to the cave, but when they realized it was not a humans home, they got a little nervous. The Cyclops was very upset that they ate his cheese. He ate a few of the men to "get back at him" then he set the rest free. Book XX1 The contest with
Odysseus Bow In Ithica there is a challange of who can shoot a bow through the iron. Many people tried to take on this task for a reward or the hand of Penelope. Not one person accomplished the challenge, except for the great Odysseus. In the end Odysseus and his son Telemachus, who stood strong and proud on his side at the dinner. But its wasn't over yet, they had a suitor massacure. Analysis The Call
The Threshold
The Tests
The Return Invitation to adventure This explains and introduces us to the characters and Telemachus is sent to Sparta to see if his dad is still alive and coming home. the "jumping off point" THe crew was forceed to end the cyclops home in order to survive, and they had to blind the Cyclops. Challenges They had to face many obstacles in order to return home from their adventure, some of the obstacles were Scylla, the Sirens, and Thrinacian Island. The Return is all about how Telemachus and his father are reunited and will defeat all of the suitors together and at once. Comparison The book and move are linked in relationship because of how they are both layed out. The group has to overcome many obstacle before returning home. Everett, Delmar, and Pete had to face many of the same challenges as happened in the book. In relation of book nine, the man had to face the Sirens. Same goes for facing the "Cyclops" In the end as shown in book tewnty-one the family is then back together. As are Everett and his girls in the movie. To Sum it Up:
The Summary Many far long adventures have happend from book one to twenty-one. From Posiden getting mad and sending the crew to an island by waves, to having to face all the inturruptions on their way home. These are a few they had to face:
Cyclope- the cyclops trapped them in his cave and some how they had to escape
Sylaca- A six headed beast who kidnapped and ate six of his men
Whirlpool- The Charbreads whirlpool spit out and sucking in the water three times a day.
Sirens- Odysess tied himself to the mass and everyone else had to plug their ears so they wouldnt get sucked in and crash into the rocks.
Sun gods cows- Odysess crew ate the cows and for a punishment Zeus struck them with a lightnignt bolt.

When he returend home thier were a ton of suitors and he had to win a contast by shooting an arrow through twelve axes or targets. After he won Odysess and his some killed all of the suitors. Works Cited
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