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England and the emergence of Constitutional Monarchy

No description

Carlos Recordon

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of England and the emergence of Constitutional Monarchy

Ann Boleyn Elizabeth I Jany Seymour Edward VI Catalina de Aragón Mary I Henry VIII
1509-1547 Edward VI
1547-1553 Mary I
1553-1558 Elizabeth I
1558-1603 TUDORS X James I (Stuart) (Estuardo) 1603-1625 Started problems with the parliament. James I believed he was only to respond to God. Charles I Charles I 1625-1649 Ignored the parliament, collected the taxes he wanted and showed preference towards Catholics. Henrietta Maria
(sister of Louis XIII) Charles II Mary James II Charles I was executed! in 1649.
Monarchy was abolished Oliver Cromwell
1649-1653. England was a Republic. He started respecting the parliament but then he became a dictator.
In 1653 he unrecognized the parliament, in 1655 he dissolved it. He died in 1658. Charles II 1660-1685
Parliament was restored.
Anglican church was official
Charles was Catholic...
Issued the declaration of Indulgence which suspended the laws that Parliament had passed against Catholics and Puritans. (Parliament wanted only Anglicans in mi,itary and civil offices.)
Charles dismissed the parliament in 1681, relying on french subsidies. (OJO)

James II 1685-1688
Devout Catholic... more problems with the parliament.
Further efforts to support Catholics to higher positions in the gvt.
He remarried Mary of Modena and had a son...
Parliament was concerned since the successor was Catholic.
William of Orange husband of Jame´s daugther Mary was invited to be the king.
James II and his family went to France.
William III of Orange and Mary became the King and Queen.
Signature of the Bill of Rights. Recognized the power of the Parliament to rule together with the monarchy.
It was finally the parliament who had selected the king.
Ann Hyde
(protestant) Mary of Modena
(catholic) Mary II James Francis Mary II 1689-1702
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