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Mini Forom

How videogames change children behaviors

logan tunnell

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Mini Forom

How Video Games Change Childern Behavior Most Games Kids play are rated M If children get too much bad behavior
early in life it could change there behavior forever Usually Rated M games have violence or bad language here is the ESRB rating system
Entertainment Software Rating Board ANYBODY CAN
PLAY THIS Everyone
can play this Everyone Ten and up can play this for For Teens only 7% of kids play 30 hours a week boys usually play 13 hours a week girls usually play 5.5 hours a week LOLZ parents can buy any game they want but kids have to get permission on rated M games you should get info on the game from xbox.com or esrb.com
so you know how bad or good a game is for your kid LOLZ LOLZ Jhghgcgchchgchgchccgchgcchchghfc
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