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Moving the Equilibrium

No description

Emilie Botello

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Moving the Equilibrium

Moving the Equilibrium
Basic Understanding
the point where supply and demand intersect and are balanced
Scenario #1
Scenario #2
Explanation #3
Scenario #4
By: Emilie Botello
Mia Dixon-Slaughter

Economic markets try to have an equilibrium but the equilibrium can change...
Because equilibrium is where the demand and supply curves intersect, anything that shifts the demand or supply curves make a new equilibrium.
Since Mr. Bunny got a promotion, his paycheck goes up. Which leads to a right shift in the demand curve.
He has more money and can demand more shoes
Explanation #1
Explanation #2
The prices of laptops goes up which leads to a decrease in demand for laptop chargers.
The demand for laptop chargers goes down and so does the price.
( Laptop Chargers )
The price of Ham goes up so the substitute good would be the steak.
Steak is cheaper so people want to buy more steak rather than ham, making the demand curve for steak increase.
Scenario #3
Explanation #4
If a machine was made that could make 10x more pens than what it was before then the supply curve will go up.
Scenario # 5
Explanation #5
The government adds a new tax on veggies.
The price goes up so less veggies are supplied.
Scenario #6
Explanation #6
People want to buy more pens because there is a surplus, causing the price of pens going down.
The steel price went up so its harder to make cars.
People who still demand cars have to pay more to get the car they want.
YOU !!!
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