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Front Office Role-Play 1 Feedbacks

No description

Diana Mahmud

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Front Office Role-Play 1 Feedbacks

BDTVEC National Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, MTSSR Front Office Procedures
Role-Play 1
GENERAL FEEDBACKS It is not wrong to share the small laughter or smiles with the guests because we are NOT robots. Showing feelings also displays warmth and friendliness that they need when staying in a place other than home.

ALWAYS offer luggage assistance if there is any.

When giving directions, please point out the location from the desk. PROFESSIONALISM Avoid repetition of surnames. It can be considerably annoying for impatient people.

At the appropriate timing, always mention the check-in time for registration and check-out time for checked-in guests, before they leave the conversation. PROCEDURES Most hotel establishments have service charge on top of the room charge. Although it appears on the tariff leaflet, it is a must to mention this every single time the room rate is mentioned. It can be quite a shocker to guests when they see the extra charges on the room on their bill.

When involving other departments in the conversation or sales, staff must remember to inform those departments so that details are related immediately. Front desk must not confirm bookings for outside the front office department’s hands. When giving directions, please point out the location from the desk.

Avoid stutters like ‘erm’ and ‘aa’.

Do not ignore other guests because they might feel uncomfortable and invisible. In most cases, it is inappropriate for female front desk to pay so much attention to male guests The following justifications are a follow-up of the role-play assessment that students have recently undertaken.

These guides serve as a purpose to improve student’s skills and knowledge on how to appropriately deal with guests in Both reservation procedures and registration procedures. Objectives
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