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Cesar Ritz was born in Niederwald , Switzerland . He went

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Noah Raftis

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Cesar Ritz was born in Niederwald , Switzerland . He went

Cesar Ritz was born in Niederwald , Switzerland . He went to the Jesuit at Sion

when he was 12 years old. When he was 15 he was working as a somelier

at a hotel in Brig. He was later dismissed for being unsuitable candidate

for hotel trade. In 1867 he traveled to Paris to seek his fortune.

In 1870 during the Franco Prussian war in paris he was transforming

from a waiter and a general Factorium to a maître d'hôtel, manager, and then

hotelier. Ritz became a floor waiter at Hotel Splendidein 1872, then he was waiter in

Viena in 1873.
in the winter of 1873 ritz's life as a hotel maneger had begun

at the Grand Hotel in Nice.he moved usualy twice a year to follow the tourist

migration .He became manager of the Grand Hotel National in Lucerne in

1878, then manager at the Grand Hotel in Monoco, Until 1888.

César Ritz was the first person to use “The customer is always right”

to catch the eye of wealthy customers. At his hotel if a guest were to complain

about his/her food they would take the dish back no matter what.

He opened a restaurant with Auguste Escoffier in Baden-Baden.

They were than invited by Richard D'Oyly Carte to be the chef and manger at

his new hotel Savoy Hotel ,in London. They held those jobs for 8 years.

The Savoy attracted many esteemed ,and rich guests to make the hotel a complete

success. One year later Ritz was fired by D'oyly , because he was supposed to have

been responsible for the disappearance of more than 3,400 euros worth of wine.
Auguse Escoffer
Cesar Ritz
That exact year he opened the famous Hotel Ritz in Place Vendome in Paris.

Another eight years later he opened the Ritz Hotel in London , the most popular hotel

for the wealthy. Than in 1910 the Hotel Ritz Madrid opened in Madrid.

The partner ship with Auguste Escoffier the french cook, was much appreciated by Ritz

But had to end because his health was slowly deteriorating , so Ritz had to retire

in 1907 . Ritz withdrew from his other companies, he than sold his interests

in hotels at Frankfurt in 1905 than left Ritz Hotel developing company

in 1907 , from the Paris Ritz company in 1911 ,and Carlton hotel company in


but in 1913 records say he was placed at a private hospital in Laussane than moved to

another on Lake kussacht in Canton Schwyz than died 26 October 1918++
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