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Yhi Brings the Earth to Life

Creation Myth

Elizabeth S

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Yhi Brings the Earth to Life

Yhi Brings the Earth to Life
Baiame summons Yhi from her slumber. Yhi awakes and steps onto the earth. She brings the earth to life with her light.
Baiame orders Yhi to bring her light to the dark caves. The voices in the darkness tempt her by telling her to go away and leave them be in the caves. They are telling her to give up on the darkness.
Garden/Perfect World
Baiame summons Yhi. Yhi steps onto the earth and everything is born. The world was nothing before Yhi, but after nature, animals and light is added.
Short Term Consequence
Yhi is immediately attacked by insects when she goes into the ice cave.
Long Term Consequence
Yhi created nature and brought life to the earth. She also brought animals and insects to the earth. Before she brought her light to the earth, there was nothing.
There is no sin in this story because Yhi does not give in to the temptation.
Creation Myth

"...the darkness reformed behind her, and voices boomed and echoed: 'No, no, no! Let us sleep, sleep, sleep'" (Hadley, 14).
"Yhi never faltered" (Hadley, 14).
"Yhi stepped down to earth and from that moment, where there had been nothing, there was everything- sound, movement, light" (Haldey, 13).
"Birds and animals gathered to her, and she led them out to add their voices to the new world" (Hadley, 14).
"...scrapings, and scratchings which grew louder and louder as the insects crept, flew and swarmed from every dark corner" (Hadley, 14).
"Yhi stepped down to the earth and from that moment, where there had been nothing, there was everything- sound, movement, light" (Hadley, 13).
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