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History of MP3 player

No description

Yee Rou Lim

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of History of MP3 player

Introduction Mp3 player is an electronic device that has the function of storing, organizing and
playing audio files. Since the start of the current century, the MP3 player has quickly
taken cassettes, CDs and mini disc players as the ideal and most popular way to carry
music with you. Development of Mp3 format 1989: The MP3 format patented in Germany.

1996: A United States patent is granted to the German inventors of MP3 format.

1997: AMP, the first MP3 playback program, is invented.

1998: Two German college students bring the AMP playback engine to Windows, creating Winamp, the first MP3 playback software for Windows.

Now, a number of players also support other, higher-quality formats, including .AAC and .WMA. Incredibly high-quality formats of digital music, like .OGG or .FLAC, are not supported by the majority of MP3 players on the market despite their popularity due to their incredible quality. History The first MP3 player aimed at consumers was called the "MPMan" and was
released in 1997. It could hold 16 MB of information, which translated to about
one full CD recorded using the lowest quality settings. Despite its limited capacity
it still proved a success. This led to the release of a number of similar products by
different companies in the following years. History of mp3 player Apple's iPod Apple Inc. released its first iPod in late 2001. This revolutionized the MP3 player market and started a streak of success and market domination. The first models could store 5 GB of information, which translated to about 50 full CDs and capable of holding 1000 songs in 160-Kbps MP3 format. End
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