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Ad Logic new

What are TV commercials REALLY saying?

Lou Cinda Pohler

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Ad Logic new

We all love commercials.
But what's the point?
Companies sometimes pay millions of dollars to
advertsing companies for commercials.
So what are they trying to accomplish?
Companies pay all that money
because they're hoping to PERSUADE you
to do something or to buy something.
But how do commercials PERSUADE us?
Let's watch a few, and we'll find out.
How does this commercial convince us to buy an Egg McMuffin?
Talk about it.
What does this Nike commercial do to make you want to buy Nike Football gear?
The commercial is basically saying,
If you wear Nike Football gear, then you will...
Or is it
Let's watch another one.
How about this one?
What EVIDENCE do they give you to prove that it will be worth your money to go see Jurassic World in the theater?
What celebrities are in this commercial?
Why would having a famous person in the commercial convince you to buy a product or go out and do something?
Now it's your turn.
Watch the following commercials and analyze how the ad tries to persuade you to do something or buy something.
After you watch each commercial, answer the five questions on your worksheet.
Is the reasoning in the advertisement logical? In other words, do the reasons they give for why you should buy Nike gear actually make sense?
Pay attention to who a commercial is targeting. Notice that an ad that aims to convince teenagers is very different from a commercial that tries to convince senior citizens.
If a celebrity likes this video game, does that mean the video game is good? Or is that irrelevant evidence--evidence that has nothing to do with the point the commercial is trying to make?
Who is the audience of this commercial? In other words, WHO are they trying to convince to get car insurance through Allstate?
Let's go to work!
What are TV commercials REALLY saying?
lacking logic?
Now it's your turn.
Design a logo for you
or your business.
Use fonts and images
to create some type of
clever graphic.
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