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Long Beach and the Five Themes of Grography

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matthew sundberg

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Long Beach and the Five Themes of Grography

Long Beach and the Five Themes of Geography
Long Beach is a flat area with two major rivers, the Los Angeles and San Gabriel, to the east and west.

Human-Environment interaction
Humans Adapt to Long Beach by choosing light clothing, build highway systems, and choosing activities that fits the occasion like surfing or skateboarding.
People move around the city by buses, taxis, bicycles, skateboards, cars, airplanes, and the metro.
The perceptual region of Long Beach is Southern California.
Absolute location: 33.7683°N 118.1956°W
Relative location: Long Beach is 22 miles south of Los Angeles and 26 miles south east of LAX.
The climate of Long Beach is semi-arid, like a Mediterranean climate.
The population of Long Beach is 467,892.
Humans depend on Long Beach for work and the access to beaches.
Humans modify Long Beach to have better trading ports and factories for work.
The major religions of Long Beach include Catholic, Christian, Jewish, and Islam.
The languages spoken in Long Beach are English, Spanish, Indo-European,and Asian/Islander.
Items are transported by the ports of Long Beach, semi-trucks, and carrier vehicles.
Ideas spread around the city by person to person contact, billboards, television, museums, and historical sites.
The formal region of Long Beach is the city border laid out by California.
The functional region of Long Beach is one of "The Gateway Cities."
Important features of Long Beach are the ports, Queen Mary, and the cruise terminals.
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