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No description

samuel purches

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of hotwheels

hotwheels metal wheels colorful
logos hotwheels questions When did hotwheels become a collectible? Most people believe that hotwheels became a collectible when the treasure hunt series came out in 1995. how many hotwheels are there? there are over 2000 different types of hot wheels. hot wheels values are increasing as time goes on. Its approximate value 5 years ago was $5.00. Its approximate value 10 years ago was $2.50. Its approximate value 20 years ago was $1.00. by: sam How many Hot Wheels does an average collecter have? The average collecter has 1,550 cars What is the highest price paid for a hot wheels car? The highest price paid for a hot wheels car is $72,000 Its current value is $7.00.
hi htnfg sfd h h Its value in 5 years will be $9.00. Its value in 10 years will be $11.00. Hot wheels is a type of die cast toy car. A collectible like hot wheels is stamps because, there are a lot of different types of stamps worth different amounts. Thank you for watching.
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