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Welcome, useless intern

No description

claire f

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of Welcome, useless intern

Experiment Blueprint for Intern
Dear Intern,
Welcome to Big Science - a corporation dedicating its resources to exploring the world as it was leading up to - and during - the primitive digital age.

We've designed and created the ultimate nature v nurture experiment and we need you to keep an eye on it over your summer break.
It's a relatively small-scale experiment, but if we move it through this phase, we'll be able to secure funding to go even further.
Meet Mindy Farmer
Duchess Mindy
Duchess Mindy lives a privileged life in Temple Newsim with her husband, British aristocrat Ezequiel, two children and butler. Her simulation is set in Europe during the late 1860s.
Plebeian Mindy
Plebe Mindy lives a modest life with her husband and small daughter. Her simulation is set in the early 21st century.
Experiment Brief
At the inception of the experiment, we programmed Mindy with three central traits:
1. Genius
2. Evil
3. Insane

Although Mindy is programmed to be less than civil, the life provided to her by the simulation is generous - but is this enough to override her negative "birth" traits? That's what we want to find out.

Each Mindy has an OBSERVER: a person in her life we can program to watch her and distract her from various glitches that may occur

OBSERVERS cannot think for themselves

The Goal: Keep the experiment running until we have conclusive results on nature v. nurture - Mindy cannot find out she's inside a computer. All YOU need to watch her and alert us of any glitches or troubles in the simulation so we can rewind the simulation or adjust the observers.
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