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Functional Consequences Theory

No description

Joelle Ungarian

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Functional Consequences Theory

Goal of Nursing Care
To minimize the negative effects of age-related changes and risk factors and to promote positive functional consequences (Miller, 1990)
Accomplished through use of the nursing process, with particular emphasis on interacting with older adults and caregivers of dependent older adults to eliminate risk factors or minimize their risks (Miller, 1990)
Policy in the big picture
Age Friendly Communities
Funding availability for older adults to make home renovations
Health Promotion Services
Policy closer to home
Community Health Promotion Services
Patient Care Navigators
More patient-family centre care approach
Functional Consequences Theory
Functional Consequences Theory
Miller, C.A. (1990).
Nursing Care of older adults: theory and practice/ Carol A. Miller.
Glenview, Ill. : Scott, Foresman/Little, Brown Higher Eduation, c1990

Miller, C.A. (1999).
Nursing Care of Older Adults: Theory and Practice/ Carol A. Miller.
Philadelphia : Lippincott, c1999
The observable effects of actions, risk factors and age related changes that influence the quality of life or day to day activities of older adults (Miller, 1999, p. 55)
Miller (1999)
Limited use of Theory in literature
Potential Use of the theory in research
Experiences of Older Adults and Their caregivers in using the theory
Use of the theory by healthcare providers and patient outcomes
"Mind Opening"
Will increase my collaboration with older adults and their caregivers, as well as other healthcare professionals to obtain desired patient outcomes
May help me get more involved in policy making and implementation
Negative Functional Consequences
Negative functional consequences are age related changes that interfere with an older adults level of function or quality of life and cause increase dependency on others (Miller, 1990)
Positive Functional Consequences
Aid in creating the highest level of performance and minimal dependency on others (Miller, 1990)
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