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Job Interview

Easy Does It

Norman Lawler

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Job Interview

By Norman Lawler Job Interview 1) Eat Brain Food
~Put Down The Glazed Doughnut Before Your Interview 2) Warm Up Your Mind
~You Want To Be Firing On All Cylinders By The Time Your Interview Begins. 3) Freshen Up
~ Shower, Shave, Brush Teeth, Use Mouth Wash, And Deodorant 4) Call A Positive Pal, Get Valuated
~Call A Cheerleader ,A Friend, Partner, Mentor Or Even A Relative Who Can Give You A Last-Minute Boost. 5) Put Away Your Notes
~ You Don't Want To Memorize Your Answers. You Have To Be Genuine. 6) Take A Quiet Moment
~ Try To Briefly Clear Your Head, Maybe A Church, City Library, A Quiet Area In A Hotel. Proper Attire Show up 15 Minutes Early, if you're on time, you're late ! Gentle Man Attire Proper Interview Attire Ladies Gentlemen Face Cleanly Shaven or beard Trimmed
Hair Recently Cut Or Neat
A Button Up Dress Shirt With Tie
Sports Jacket Or No Jacket w/Shirt Tucked
Simple Leather Case For Portfolio
Dress Pants(Black, Gray, Tan)
Dress Shoes W/ Socks That Match Pants Color
Leather Belt
Watch A Neutral Colored Suit(Navy Blue,Black)
Skirt Length A Little Past The Knee
Blouses Should be Light Pastel Color
Pantyhose Should Be Plain And Flawless
Basic Pumps With 1"-2" Heels
Simple Accessories ( Small Earrings,Watch)
Make-Up Should Be Conservative
Minimal Perfume Or Fragrances Body Language During Your Interview A Firm Handshake With Good Eye Contact Communicates Self-Confidence. False Or A Forced Smile Is A Sign Of Deception,
Hidden Motive, Attempt At Manipulation And A Disguised Threat. Looking Down While Speaking Or Being Spoken to Shows You Are Timid Are Not Confident. Checking Your Watch, Clicking Pen, Ect. Indicates Boredom, A Lack Of Interest And A Urge For The Interview To Be Over. Crossing Your Arms signals a resistance to ideas and hostility to the opinion of the others. Bad Vibes Good Vibes Sit Up Straight, And Lean Slightly Forward In Your Chair
To Project Interest And Engagement In The Interaction.

Be Confident In Your Replies, Even If The Reply Is "I Don't Know At This Time"

Keep An Interested Expression, Nod And Make Positive Gestures.

If More Than One Person Is Interviewing You At Once, Make Sure You Briefly Address Both Of Them.

If A Interruption Occurs Don't Stare At Interviewer

End The Interview As Confident As You Started Or Better. Post Interview Follow Up Ask About Next Steps (Before You Leave the Interview) Don't Forget To Thank The Person Or People Who Took The Time To Interview You! Wait Till You're In Your Car Or Home To Express Some sort Of Stress Release Or To Celebrate.

Get That Thank-You Note
Out Same Day If Possible

Thank-you notes matter:
They give you a terrific
opportunity to follow up
with the decision-maker
right away. Hi Norman—I hope you’re having a great week.
You mentioned that your team would be finalizing
a hiring decision on the Marketing Manager position
this week. I’m eager to hear when you have an update.
And certainly, if I may provide any additional information
to support your decision-making process,
please let me know!”
Much Appreciated,
Joe Somebody. Depending On How Much Time You Were Told For A Response, It's A Good Idea To Follow Up And Remind Them Of How Amazing You Are. Cheat Sheet For YOU! Thank You All For Your Time And Attention!
If You Have Any Questions Please Ask Them Now And I'll Answer Them To The Best Of My Ability. Email: NormanLawler13@hotmail.com
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