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Joining Sentences with Subordinators

Using subordinating conjunctions in real life!

Audra Brackbill

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Joining Sentences with Subordinators

Yay! Joining Sentences
with Subordinators sentence-joining words that, like the coordinators, help us show a variety of relationships between ideas Subordinators (Subordinating Conjunctions) Commonly used subordinators Although I am a senior,
I have 40 more credits to take. Example Sentences: Contrast School is taking longer because I have to work. Effect/Cause Sentence Examples I can go to the movies if I finish my homework. Condition sentence examples After I finish my homework, I'll go to the movies. Example sentences: Time subordinators When we put a subordinator in front of a sentence, we change the sentence from an independent clause to a dependent clause (or subordinate) clause. A dependent clause cannot by a sentence by itself, so we have to join it to an independent clause. Why your teachers told you not to start a sentence with "because." Rules: Contrast Effect/Cause Condition Time although though even though while whereas before after when whenever until as soon as because since if unless I am starving for lunch, though I just ate breakfast an hour ago. Even though my fear of Chuck Norris keeps me safe, I wish I could get to know the guy better. While my aunt loves the musical "Cats," I decided to get her a dog for Christmas. My friend Bill plays the xylophone, whereas my friend Lula plays the saxophone. Write a sentence
using a contrast subordinator. Since you won't take me dancing, I'm going to stop making you dinner! Write a sentence using a effect/cause subordinator. I cannot go to the movies unless I finish my homework. Use a condition subordinator to write an example sentence. Before I go to the grocery story, I need to visit my grandma, Fran. There was a huge screeching crash in the backyard when I first noticed that my car was totaled. Snow White made all the forest creatures twitter happily whenever she sang songs about her true love. I will be staying up watching movies until the sun comes up. As soon as I brush my teeth, I'll be headed out the door to catch my bus. Write a sentence using a time subordinating conjunction. Real people terms: Using subordinators makes a complete sentence into an incomplete sentence:

(Because)She purchased her ticket in advance.
(Since) She got a discount fare. Because she purchased her ticket in advance, she got a discount fare. effect needs a cause!
cause needs an effect! Rule: The dependent clause can come first or second in a sentence.
Rule: The two logically related ideas must appear in the same sentence. Rule (punctuation): When the subordinate clause comes first in a sentence, it is followed by a comma.(subordinate clause + comma +independent clause) Cockroaches are a health menace to humans.
They carry viruses and bacteria that cause diseases from hepatitis to salmonella. Try combining these sentences using subordinating conjunctions. Humans try to defeat the cockroaches.
Cockroaches are very successful at surviving. There is no food.
Cockroaches subsist on glue, paper, and soap. effect/cause contrast condition
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