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How to be a good shooter in a basketball gamre

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on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of How to be a good shooter in a basketball gamre

Shooting is the most simple and convenient way to score in basketball. Whether it is throwing, running or jumping shot is one of the shooting. It is a necessary way and fundamental requirement to practice shooting. And practice a hand shot is not easy, need good talent and uninterrupted practice diligently, cultivate a good feel, do not have.
Why many basketball players want to practice shooting?
Strength training, enough strength is a prerequisite for shooting, no power and want to practice shooting, this is wishful thinking. Can do more push ups to increase strength, conditional help with some fitness equipment, such as dumbbells
Strength training
Correct by yourself
Head to the gym and shoot a bare minimum of 50 shots. Ask your partner to chart your shots. The KEY is to chart the detailed results of each shot. You will track how many shots fell short, too long, to the left, and to the right. This information will help you to determine what you need to work on.
For example, if you consistently miss short (like many players do), you’ll need to work on your power and distance control. If you consistently miss to the right and the left, you need to fix the mechanics of your foot and/or arm alignment.
Quickly Chart Your Shot to Determine Tendencies
Standard posture, feet shoulder width, squat, upper body movement can be divided into 3 or 90 degrees C, 90 degrees of small arms and body, arm and wrist after 90 degrees, the natural pressure is about 90 degrees, the center of the palm is empty, using fingers shot, the forefinger finally from the ball.

Standard Shoot
How to be a good shooter in a basketball game
Study & Practise
Simply by watching great shooters groove their shots over and over, you can improve your confidence and form.The good habits and examples can be contagious. As you watch, the good form becomes ingrained in your mind.Not to mention, you should never stop learning. There are lots of good shooting DVDs and books for you to learn from.
Watch Videos
Persistent efforts
Constant Practice
Constant practice, learning is like riding, shooting is also applicable in. There is also some practice to interfere with in individual practice. After all, there is a defender on the court, and in a defensive situation, the shooting can be improved.It can be different from the standard posture, after all, any standard is not omnipotent, you need to find the most comfortable way of shooting, which is more conducive to improve their hit rate, can not blindly imitate.
Be Confidence
In the beginning, you should try to get closer to the basket. The first is to train your movements to be consistent. Secondly, it is easier to put in and help to improve your self-confidence. Must not have considered too simple, disdain to practice, only good close-up shots, cultured feel, you can really have a hand shot.
Keep Doing
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