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CO2 Footprint

No description

Martin Barainka

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of CO2 Footprint

Electricity: 9984 KW/Y = 0.5 C02 t
Oil: 2500 L/Y = 1.47 CO2 t
Butane: 125 L/Y = 0.04 CO2 t
Wood: 4t/Y = 0.001 CO2 t
2.011 CO2 t
A flight from Bilbao to Dublin=
0.22 CO2 t
A flight from Dublin to Bilbao=
0.44 CO2 t
0.66 CO2 t
1050 bus Km = 0.12 CO2 t
Secondary CO2 produce
I buy clothes when I need
I only buy electronics when I need
Social Live
I rarely go to restaurants, cinema, or bars
I don´t own a car
Financial service
I use the standard range
2.8 CO2 t
My CO2
CO2 and geenhouse gas emition
Greenhouse effect
CO2 footprint
Global warming
Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse gases (CO2) are emmised to the atmosphere.
Solar rays reach the Earth.
Some of them are reflected back to the space while others are picked by the greenhouse gases.
Because of that the world´s tenperature rises.
The main effect of the Greenhouse
Effect is the Global Warming
Global Warming effects in the world
Ice from the polars is melting because of the temperature rises.As a consequence, the sea level will rise.
More and more animals are becoming endangered because of the high tenperature or ice is melting.

We won´t be able the plant crops because of the high or low temperature. Famine
Powerful climatologic phenomenons will happen.

Reduce consume
Find a chemical reaction which brakes the CO2 molecule or plant more trees
Use fuels that don´t produce many CO2
From 23/11/12 to 23/11/13
2860 Km in a EU 2010 Renault Clio 1.5 dCi 106 M6
0.41 CO2 t
Is 6.33 CO2 t
Plant plants
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