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An introduction to the structure and function of muscles for 7th grade life science

Chad Farner

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Muscles

The Muscular/Skeletal System
How the Muscles Work
Two Main Types of Muscles
* Voluntary Muscles
Muscles that you are able to control
* Involuntary Muscles
Muscles that you can't consciously control
Classification of Muscles
The Function of the Muscular System
Muscles help your body move and
it moves materials through your body

Muscle Observation Lab
Question #1: What features do you think you will be able to see looking at
a heart or skeletal muscle?

Question #2: What differences do you think you will notice when you
compare the smooth muscles to the skeletal or cardiac muscles?

Observation #1: Sketch a picture of the smooth muscle cells.

Observation #2: Sketch a picture of the cardiac muscle cells.

Observation #3: Sketch a picture of the bone cells.
How Muscles Move Bones
Muscles can only contract.
Muscles work in pairs.
When one muscle contracts the other relaxes.
To raise your arm the following occurs
- your bicep contracts & tricep relaxes
To lower your arm the following occurs
- your tricep contracts & bicep relaxes
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