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The Past, Present and, Future of Reagan Montre!

No description

Reagan Montre

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Past, Present and, Future of Reagan Montre!

The Past, Present, and Future of Reagan Montre
By: Reagan Montre Born on September 17,1997! Favorite:
Soda: coke
Candy: 3 musketters
Dessert: red velvet cake
Book: Mystery books

My full name is Reagan keely montre! My favorite dog is a husky! My parents names are:
Mom: kelli vanderslice montre
dad: jeff montre
Im going to be a vet at K-State! These are the places I have been to:
flordia my name means little ruler! R: responsible
E: energetic
A: accomplish
G: giving
a: artistic
n: nice Important things in my life I almost died when i was born,
Because both of my lungs collapsed.
I had to be flown to Topeka, Kansas because were i was born did'nt have the right equipment.
I was in a highfrequency respirator for 7 days.
My parents could'nt touch or hold me for 15 days.
I had to be fed through a tube for 18 days
I also almost died again when i was 1 because i choked! but my dad saved my life because he fished it out of my mouth! :) That is my prezi thanks for watching!!! :)
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