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Electronic Practice Management & Paperless Technology

Donald Garcia

on 7 August 2009

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Transcript of Libertas-FL

Appointment confirmation
Admittance forms
Medical history updates
Reduced telephone time
Patient education
Rx compliance
Lab results reporting
Rx refills
Web portal
Emial communications
Improved quality of care EMR/EHR Streamlined encounter notes
Improved/increased coding
Portability of records
Intergration w/labs
Instant access to charts
Instant clinical reporting
Intergration with in-practice diagnostic equipment
Eliminate transcription, medical billing, & chart storage costs Federal incentives
Faster documentation
Interaction warnings
Instant formulary corrections
Higher patient compliance
New revenue source eRx
On-Site Fulfillment RMT
Revenue Management
Technology Scheduling
Insurance billing
Patient billing
Practice billing
Practice accounting We Install and Integrate the Technology We Train Clinical Staff
in the use of the Technology We Support and Upgrade
the Technology What does Libertas Florida Do? Training: Online, Onsight, Continued As your technology specialist, we give your network systems a
monthly ‘checkup,’ identifying risks weeks or months before
they become tangible problems. American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 2009 STIMULUS OR You spent a lot of money on your computers. Instead of throwing out your investment, BUILD ON IT.

One size, does not fit everyone, Libertas Florida catalogues and rates your existing practice technology and creates a phased solution that leverages technology you already own. Simplify Health IT Patient Intake

Practice Billing

Medical Records


e-Order Entry

e-Lab Results

Electronic Billing

Electronic EOB
Posting ZERO PAPERWORK A Word From Our Customers... Working Late Working Smart Our Message Two incentive plans One for Medicare One for Medicaid Eligible Providers 1) Doctor of medicine
2) Doctor of osteopathy
3) Doctor of dental surgery
4) Doctor of dental medicine
5) Doctor of podiatric medicine
6) Doctor of optometry
7) Chiropractor "You take care of my practice,
so I can take care of my patients." Dr. Marvin Schweitzer
Norwalk, CT “Going ‘out of the way’ is just one more demonstration of you, and your firm‘s
commitment to our revitalized (EMR) endeavor.”
Dr. Harry Romanowitz
Stamford, CT
(former Pediatrics Chair, Stamford Hospital)
“When we started, I didn’t like computers.
Now I love computers.” Dr. John DeBello
Bronx, NY
We Sell the Technology Software, Hardware, Servers, Monitors
Cables, Accessories, Tablet PC's,
Scanners, & more... We Sell the Technology

We Install and Integrate the Technology

We Train Clinical Staff in the use of the Technology

We Support and Upgrade the Technology PRM
Patient Relationship Management
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