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Budget Project

No description

Ricardo lopez

on 2 March 2018

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Transcript of Budget Project

Olympia Flats
2201 Hayes Road, Houston, TX 77077
Astro Upstairs
1 bed, 1 bath, kitchen and living room
$604 (380+ square feet)
Get around in metro
- Use Metro Q Fare Card (40$ a month)
- Use routes 153 and 82 to get around

- Netlfix 10$
- Going out with friends 40$
- Eating out 85$

- Internet 45$
- Electrecity 40$
- Water 30$
- Phone 40$ (T-Mobile)
- Air Conditioning 80$
- Heat 80$
Grocery List
- Samsung - 28" Class (27-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 720p - HDTV
- 2000 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra
Needs: (Health Essentials)
- Shampoo (2$)
- Soap pack (2$)
- Deodorant (4$)
- Toothpaste (1.50$)
- Toothbrush (1.50$)
- Towels (5$)

- In the end I was left over with 111.47$ plus the 1100$ that I recieved for my car down payment having a total of 1,211.47$ in my total savings
- My savings can go towards my the things I want which I can't afford at the moment but if I keep saving throughout time I willl be able to get the things i most desire
- It's also important for me to have savings on the side in case of any medical or physical emergencies that may happen
My wants, choices, scarcity, oppurtinity cost and tradeoffs were all effected due to the amount of money that I started out with in the first place. My wants stayed the same throughout my journey because I want doesn't change because you have less money or more money a want is always there because its like a goal for you to set so that you can save up and accomplish that goal of the thing you've wanted. The choices I made throughout my budgeting were completely based on the amount of money I started of with, because I didn't start out with a "huge" amount of money I had to really focus on what I really needed in my life to the side things I really don't need.

I had 200 less dollars then what I started out with I would probibly have to limit on some entertainment such as going out with friends and eating out. The money that is spent on going out to eat and hanging out with friends may not seem a lot but having 200 dollars less can make a few dollars seem like more then what it actually is. Just overall having 200 dollars less to work with I would just overall have to be careful keeping track of the money I spend.

Having 200 dollars more on the other hand could help me out very sufficiently. If I had 200 more dollars then what I started out with I could probibly afford a car because with the extra 200 dollars I could afford to get the insurance I need for the car such as liability and Comprehensive collision insurance and with the 1100 dollars given to me I could use that money for a down payment on an affordable car.
End !
How do I live on...(Budget Project)
Ricardo Lopez
= 78. 53$ In Total
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