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No description

MJ Ranola

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of CONTEXT OF ART

Company Logo
Bamboo Mañalac
Artist Background
: 38 y/o, male.
A solo artist.

Society, Politics, History, Economy
: He began his music career by joining a gangsta group called "Death Threat"

Everyday Life
: His song promotes awareness on social injustice, poverty and patriotism

Francis Magalona a.k.a
Master Rapper; The Mouth
Artist Background
: 41 y/o, Fil-AM singer- songwriter, former vocalist of Rivermaya and Bamboo disbanded last 2011. A solo artist today.
Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo
Society, Politics, History, Economy
: He is a very privateperson, being a musician is not his priority. He studied English, Philosophy and Film in San Francisco and L.A. He is a family-oriented person, doesn't do drugs or smoke and he is a sporty person.
Everyday Life
: He is very aware of what's happening in the society, he compose songs about it.
Mode of Reception
: He became an inspiration to his fellow Filipino and artists, because he produce good music that relates/appeals to the people.
: The Pilipino life or society is his inspiration in writing his songs and performing it.
Aristotle Pollisco
Mode of Reception
: His song uplifts the spirit of Filipino's. We get inspired.

: His inspiration is poverty
Artist Background
: 45y/o (Oct. 4, 1964 - Mar. 6, 2009) Born in Mandaluyong, rapper, song-writer, director, photographer and producer.

Society, Politics, History, Economy
: pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock

Everyday Life
: serves as a inspiration to others to be proud as a Filipino

Mode of Reception
: It makes the audience more patriotic

: His works depicts
the love for the country
Artist Background
: Born in 1918 (98 y/o) on Kalinga. She is the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines, Kalinga's last
, the Kalinga's would call her.

Society, Politics, History, Economy
: Due to her status as the last mambabatok, netizens are lobbying her to be one of the National Artists of the Philippines. However, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago pushes the case that Whang-od should be nominated as one of the National Living treasures or Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan
Everyday life
: Tattooing as a lifestyle hobby for Whang - Od. “Happiness to me is being able to live up to 100 years making tattoos. I’m delighted of having people from all over the world coming to my home to visit and get a tattoo from me; this gives meaning to my life”. Tattooing is obviously the passion for the great Whang-od. She believes that if you haven't got a tattoo , you aren't a warrior.

Mode of Reception
: Whang-od makes tattoos not for the demanded design of the person. She actually decides whatever tattoo she will give. The tattoo design is based on how she sees and understand
Artist Background
: 43y/o (1967-2010), Filipino paintor

Society,Politics, History, Economy
: He started at an early age for his passion, yet he took law at Ateneo de Manila University, but he had to leave to be in solidarity with his working parents.
Everyday Life
: His artworks
serves as an eye opener of what
Jesus can and will do for you.

Mode of Reception
: As an audience of Velasco's artwork, the people are religiously and spiritually uplifted for his artworks were the actions of the Lord towards the people of today.

: He was inspired by God for his artworks portray how God work
in different ways.
: Whang-od lived a young life on a world of warcraft. She always feared soldiers assuming that they would excavate the land and kill them. She makes tattoos for reflection on how war and peace greatly affected the culture of the Kalingas.
Artist Background
: England-based
graffiti artist, male

Society,Politics,History, Economy
: Banksy has a crafted signature and usually
creates graffiti that examines the contemporary issues of consumerism,
political authority, terrorism, and the
status of the art and its display.

Everyday Life
: His graffiti serves as a reminder to look at things twice, they may not be always what they seem, his work has the ability to really make you think.

Mode of Reception
: The graffiti he did is actually quite nice and inspiring. It makes you question his graffiti "Why?"
Artist Background:
48 y/o, born on Cebu, his family used to have a furniture factory at the back of their house, mother is a furniture designer.

Society, Politics, History, Economy:
He uses materials that reflects the nativity and creativity of Filipino's. His works are featured internationally and renowned even to
Everyday Life
: He works as a
world renowned furniture designer

Mode of Reception
: His works reflects his originality and his creaticity in manipulatingdifferent materials that also feature the cultural heritage of the Philippines

: He uses materials like, rattan, metal, tena cotta, brass and copper.
Artist Background:

Society,Politics, History, Economy:

Everyday Life:
She makes a fusion of organic and metal to create jewelry, and not only to an aesthetic extent; she also makes vases and bowls to furniture's and sculpture that has
Maria Antonietta Tiukinhong Pamintuan
Mode of Reception
: The response to this artwork has the tendency to be induced with a sense of closeness to nature because her works are infused with organic materials. It inspires supporting and nourishing the livelihood that can arise in using natural materials and appreciating nature and being one with Filipino artists

: She loves nature so it fuels her
passion to use organic materials
in her work.
Group 4:
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