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How to Overcome Enterprise Architecture's Drag Effect

Forrester presentation on Feb 5th, 2012.

Fadi Hindi

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of How to Overcome Enterprise Architecture's Drag Effect

How to Overcome EA's Drag Effect to Deliver Business Value Fadi Hindi Founder, Strategy & EA Society May 5th, 2013 What is Drag anyway? Drag is the aerodynamic force that opposes an aircraft's motion through the air. Drag is generated by every part of the airplane (even the engines!) How to Overcome EA's Drag Effect
to deliver Business Value Fadi Hindi Founder, Strategy & EA Society
Twitter: @fjhindi EA uses complex Its not about the methods or tools, its about improving alignment and overall understanding to make better decisions Work on the things that matter most to your Executive Sponsors
shedding light on confusing problems, providing real world solutions.
Focus on small wins that will gain you credibility to move to the big problems ..when it comes to airplanes at least... Business Driven EA Practices... Delivers transformation roadmaps; sequencing
strategic initiatives towards achieving short- & long-term corporate Strategies Facilitates understanding by articulating organizational dependencies and readiness of capabilities to deliver desired outcomes Improves Return On Investment (ROI) and reduces overall Cost by promoting re-use and eliminating overlaps EA Why EA practices fail to deliver? The

of EA and its

cause a

effect... Weight Tools Drag Terminology... Complex vocabulary: Viewpoints, Segments, Architecture Vision,
Breadth & Depth, etc. EAs embark on a mission to teach & explain the vocabulary Information often seen as theoretical with low stakeholder interest in its intricacies Not well understood by business executives even IT EA uses complex Methodologies... Heavy set methodologies provides fertile grounds for resistance as a result of long drawn out architecture cycles Lost interest resulting from excessive artifacts generated & communicated Most EA methods are IT heavy; lots of IT detail and lighter Strategy & Business Architecture (usually IT centric) Key take aways... Integrating EA Co-Existence... Challenges exist for introducing a new body: Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt; especially regarding EA's agenda High-risk of isolation from critical activities underway High-risk of relegation to IT centric work since it’s the easy way out Integrating EA the Silver Bullet... Higher risk of using EA for the wrong purpose; EA becoming the collector of high-risk issues and initiatives increasing probability of failure Over-promising what actual change EA can deliver will eventually back-fire Spreading the practice too thin across hundreds of initiatives, especially in large institutions Integrating EA Why EA exists... Mistakenly working on generating volumes of information "Documenting" the Enterprise in a rolling fashion with no deadlines Acting as the policeman of standards and ensuring that minute infringements are dealt with swiftly Lack of clarity on what Value business owners are expecting from EA Sponsorship Conviction... "Everyone is doing EA, so we must have it too!" Relegating EA to IT or Business will make it driven by the owning function without buy-in from the other one Lack of Conviction about the essence of Establishing Alignment through line-of-sight... Sponsorship Support... EA is seen as another step in the PMO methodology EA imposes a high-risk of delaying projects or even stopping them...getting exceptions to bypass EA The CxOs have not heard about EA and its importance to the organization Executives don't see or understand the benefits of EA principles such as Standardization & Rationalization Sponsorship Visibility... EA is seen as a back-office function Not involved in critical Steering Committee meetings Not involved in Strategic & Capital Planning meetings Eliminate the EA Drag effect Have the Right Sponsorship Simplify EA's Complexities Blend EA with the Organization EA exists to solve business problems
EA Should co-exist and be complementary to other offices EA Pitfalls Eddie Obeng: Smart failure for a fast-changing world TED Talk http://bluelighthouse.org/ SEAS' Twitter: @SEASociety http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Strategy-Enterprise-Architecture-Society-4318177/about http://bluelighthouse.org/ Twitter: @SEASociety
email: admin@bluelighthouse.org http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Strategy-Enterprise-Architecture-Society-4318177/about Contact Us: Twitter: @fjhindi
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