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ACCELERATION BY graham mcnamee

No description

Kerrie Larsen

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of ACCELERATION BY graham mcnamee

Acceleration takes place in modern day Toronto, Canada.
Mood is the feeling you get when you are reading a book.
Plot #2
Point of View
Acceleration is in First Person and our narrator is Duncan.
We know because
of the use of
I, Me, & us.
ACCELERATION BY graham mcnamee
The Perspective of the narrator
In "Acceleration" you are supposed to have a suspenseful feel in what is occurring.
Duncan is the main character of the story. He works in the underground lost and found for Toronto Transportation.
Since Duncan works for Toronto Transportations "Lost and Found" he is able to look at everything there and their contents. He one day reads a book that is leather holding dark secrets of a man he calls "The Roach."
"They can tell, the way a dog can smell fear."
Duncan has an arrest history on his title. He does believe that the police would not take him seriously if he turned the book into them.
"He's got this down to the science."
The Roach is a murderous man who keeps a novel of his experiments
The Roach has lived in his grandmothers basement for his whole life, she believed that he would come and attack her in the middle of the night.
Roach's novel consisted of newspaper clippings with his murders in it. He also abused animals afor his entertainment and they ended up in the newspaper.
Vinnie is one of Duncans friends
Jacob is Duncan's boss down in the Lost and Found
Jacob is described to be like a deflatted soccer ball with big, hairy ears.
The Plot begins when Duncan finds a Book in the Lost and found. Duncan reads the book and believe it is a calling to fix what has happend to a girl named Maya. She drowned in the lake and he couldn't save her.
The setting is the place the story in taken place.
Duncan and his friend Vinny go to the library and read up on serial killers and what they think since they want to get into the mind of a serial killer.
The book said that serial killers are mostly white males and that in their lifetime they have
Experianced Child Abuse
Enjoyed animal abuse.
Vinny and duncan map out the roaches "Comfort Zone" to find out where he hangs out and where he is at often. The boys do this and narrow it down to his working time and train routes of the girls.
Roach is particularly interest in Cherry, the woman with bright red hair that takes the train home from the mall where both of them work.
Duncan find out where the roach lives and takes a dangerous idea in going into the home and going to the basment as described in the diary where his grandmother locked him for his childhood.
Duncan goes to the house with Wayne to have him pick the locks on the doors in order to get into the house.
Duncan later get caught in the Roachs basement torture room and begins getting attacked. Duncan runs from the Roachs house to the train station where Duncan is pushed into an on coming train. As he is trying to get up Roach walks up to him and Duncan get Roach into the trians path ending up with the Roach dead and Duncan in the hospital.
Plot #3
plot #4
Vinnie was born with a mangled up hand that is portrayed to look like a crows foot.
Wayne is Duncan's other friend who both of them experianced many childhood memerories with such has robbing places and stealing.
"Labor Day weekend at Kayuga Beach, Lake Ontario. The last blast of Summer before school. The girl's name was Maya. I didn't know her, but I was the last person to see her alice." -Pg11.
"the train was unable unable to break in time. one male died on the scene from massive injuries. the other is presently in critical condition at baycrest hospital." -pg 193
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