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What's Prezi, how is it used and what for?

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Maria Florencia Borrello

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of What's Prezi, how is it used and what for?

ESSARP Centre Programme Courses

Prof. Yael Hasbani
Lic. María Florencia Borrello

June 9th, 2012 What is Prezi?
How is it used?
What is Prezi used for? What is Prezi? Prezi provides the tools to publish creative presentations online and share them with others. Advantages:

Presentations are made on the Internet, therefore, you are not limited to working on a computer or having to save your work on portable memory.

You can make your presentations public if you want other people to access and view your presentation at any other time. What is Prezi used for? Prezi in the Literature Class Digital Storytelling “Digital Storytelling begins with the notion that in the not too distant future, sharing one’s stories through the multiple mediums of digital imagery, text, voice, sound, music, video and animation will be the principle hobby of the world’s people.”


“Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights. Tell your story now digitally.”

Leslie Rule, Digital Storytelling Association 1) Digi Tales


2) Center for Digital Story Telling


3) Digital Storytelling. A Collection of Sites

http://electronicportfolios.com/digistory/ Useful Websites 1) Digi Tales

This video has been produced within the British Council’s “Imagine Your Future” project. Author: Huseyin Karabey.

“I would like to bring your attention to the first digitales that we have produced under ‘Living Together Imagine Your Future’. They are the result of the training trainer workshops and although not all deal with the theme of migration and minorities, they will, I hope, give you a taste of things to come.” Liliana Biglou (Romania). 2) Center for Digital Story Telling http://www.youtube.com/user/CenterOfTheStory/featured http://www.digi-tales.org.uk/blog/ Susana Runge's story shows how trying to help workers who are experiencing work-related health concerns can result in you being confronted with at least two levels of impact: the impact on the worker, and the impact on oneself. Susana's story was created during a CDS workshop in June, 2011 “The human mind treats a new idea the same way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it.”

P.B. Medawar

Bearing this quotation in mind, would thus technology integration be welcome by everyone in the foreign language or Literature class? If so, how would teaching practices and strategies change with technology integration through digital storytelling and Prezi presentations? Can developing digital stories or tales as well as Prezi presentations help build technology skills?


The impact or influence on students’ learning, engagement and motivation.

Students’ encouragement to care about their work and be proud of it when asked to produce their own digital stories, tales or Prezi presentations.

Students’ awareness of the audience and handling of point of view, voice, pace, soundtrack, images and length of presentation. What are the benefits of working with digital storytelling through Prezi? Food for Thought More Food for Thought How to Create and Edit Digital Stories or Tales Quicktime Movie (iMovie, MovieMaker)
Keynote (Apple)
Advanced Movie Editors (Casablanca, Final Cut Pro)
Dvolver (To create movies or cartoons. Wonderful site for children and teenagers)
Fotobabble (Talking Photos & Slideshows) Where to Publish Digital Stories or Tales Google video
ourmedia.org It is used for class or business presentations, and it can also be used as a storytelling tool

It is used in some -if not all- TED conferences

It is used for a better engagement of the audience through the implementation of a different -sometimes unfamiliar- and creative style of presenting information, exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas

It can also be used to edit presentations with the help of others

It is used as a platform for bridging linear and non-linear information, i.e. as a tool for both structured data presentation and free-form brainstorming Teacher Student Use Prezi to introduce "Wuthering Heights" and explore the complexity of the narrative structure Use Prezi to present "The Lady of Shalott" and explore the binary oppositions within the poem or its intertextual references Use Prezi to create their own presentations to be shared with the rest of the class Use Prezi to develop a visual narrative to be used as a mind map On a concluding remark... "[E]l futuro implicará una radicalización de lo escrito, y (…) supondrá una retrospección hacia lo oral. (…) [E]stamos en el inicio de una nueva forma de civilización, porque los instrumentos de mediación hacia el conocimiento; de creación, de uso y distribución, están variando. (…) [L]a civilización digital –porque de ella se trata–generará sus propios lenguajes, sus propias nociones de propiedad y autoría, su propio entendimiento de lo que es una obra y de la existencia de un canon.
Podemos coincidir, asimismo, en que la convivencia entre los géneros será larga, igual que la de los soportes, porque coexistirán formas de mediación distintas"

Extracts from Piscitelli, A. (2011) "El paréntesis de Gutenberg. La religión digital en la era de las pantallas oblicuas" (Litwin Lectures 2010). Buenos Aires: Santillana. New Technologies in the English Literature Class: Upgrading Lessons with Interactive Whiteboards and Prezi Thank you very much! yaelhasbani@hotmail.com
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