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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

No description

Unicorn Buttons

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Imagine you are a jaguar out on a hunt. You look around at the empty space were an area of trees once was. No food to be found, but why? You decide to look around when a thunderous roar breaks through the ground. Your paws start to shake like an earthquake.You try and run away but you don't know what from. You look behind you and see that behind your wiggling tale was metal beast with claws strong enough to snap trees. You run, but you are so hungry from days with out food, that your energy fails you. You run and hide in a near by bush just to watch your precious home being destroyed. That metal beast starts to tear at the roots of a tree. You watch as the monkeys in them start to scream and run. That metal beast seemed to harbor a human inside. Why would they do this you, you think. So I ask you what the Jaguar couldn't ask Why. Loggers have now become so greedy for power that they use this power against poor, helpless animals. Do you want to be the person that stand by and watched these poor animals lose their homes, and soon enough there lives, or do you want to help stop illegal logging. Stop the animals from losing their homes.
Animals are being affected by deforestation and I am not alone when I say this. WWF (world wildlife foundation) says "This impacts people's lively hood and threatens a wide range of plant and animal species." Animals are under threat from deforestation, but it's not just them. It is our earth as well, and we are destroying it.
There is no way that we can officially stop this process as humanity expands, but we can slow it down. Illegal logging is the largest problem in deforestation. "This destruction threatens some of the world’s most famous and valuable forests, including rainforests in the Amazon, Congo Basin, Indonesia and the forests of the Russian Far East." Illegal logging takes more than they are allowed and even from protected areas. This is a problem we can work on stopping. Now do you see that we have a problem that need facing?
Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
and Deforestation

In a hundred years this
little kitten and the
forest it lives in
could be extinct
Do you really want that
to happen?
says: The Amazon Rainforest contains most of the known plant species in the world. It also home to many insect and animal species. About half of the medicines that doctors prescribe originally come from plants and animals found in the Amazon Rainforest. If the Amazon Rainforest continues to be cleared
, we will lose all these important plants and animals.
20% of the earth's oxygen comes from this one forest, and we have decided to cut it down. No matter how hard we have tried to end this problem, it doesn't have an end. If we destroy this land how we are now, 60% of our fresh water, will be gone. 20% of our air, will be gone. All the medicine and animals that come from that land, will be gone. This is not just effecting this lives of animals but it is also effecting ours. We are allowing our selves to make changes that not only effect us now, but in 40 years from now, all of what we take from the trees will be gone. Life wont be the same as we know it now.
help from http://savetheamazonrainforest.com/web_folders/faq_answers/#
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