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5 themes of geography

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Brecken Chamness

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of 5 themes of geography

Qatar Qatar is a small peninsula 0n the coastline of Saudi Arabia and across from Iran. It lies above the equator and is a rather small country in the middle east. Its exact location is 51 degrees east and 25.5 degrees north. Qatar contains many stony deserts and little water within the country. The coastal cities however have an abundance of water and filter it for the cities and towns inland. The climate is hot and dry, similar to the middle easetern countries around it. Qatar get less then 4 inches of rain anually and summer tempurtures rise to 120 degrees fahrenheit. To the south large salt flats cover the land. Humans have lived in Qatar for thousands of years. Before the take over by the Wahhbis they made their income by pearl diving, fishing or raising camels. Soon, however the people of Qatar found the enormous profit of oil. This made them a rather rich country and their cities started to spread up and down the coastlineit. It also became possible for towns to develop farther inland as water could be transported to the people who need it in the dry salt flats and deserts.
The citezens of Qatar have used the rich oil deposits of Qatar's environment to their benifit and in doing so have damaged it to a certain degree. The people have also built huge cities and cleared miles of land to live. On the contrary, Qatar has limited its people to the coasts where water is readily available. Qatar's inland environment was near uninhabitalable to the original residents. However, humans have overcome the harsh deserts with their newer technology. The country of Qatar has been said to be a nation of immagrants, and indeed this is true. When the oil boom happened for Qataris the poor, pearl trading nation became extremley rich. No one wanted to do the industrial jobs, the "dirty jobs" if you will. They then brought immagrants from Asia, Iran, and less fortunate Arabic countries to work in the factories and basically fuel the country. Now less than one third of the people living in Qatar are actually Qataris, and these immagrants have little chance of becoming actual citezens, no matter how long they have lived there. 1. Middle East- Qatar is part of the Middle Eastern countrie's that are all similar in climate, geography, and religion.
2. Arabic- It is the language and the religion of Qatar. Qatar shares this with almost all the countries around it. The customs and religions are said to be fading but the language is still there and the older populous still remembers the old ways.
3. Emirate- This style of government describes a country ruled by a monarch called the Emir (currently Sheikh Hamad). Most of the Arab countries are emirates and share the region with Qatar. 1. Arts and Litearature- Mostly traditional Arabic texts and writings. However, Doha (the capital), is largely decorated by conceptual and meaningful art that inspires and intrigues the population.
2. Customs and Traditions- Common courtesies and greetings are very different in Qatar. When Qatari men meet they shake hands and start the conversation with, "salaam alaykum" (peace be with you) while the other replies, "wa alaykum as-salaam" (and peace be upon with you). The conversation then continues with questions about food, travels, etc. Good friends often hold hands for the entire conversation. The two Qatar specific Festivals are the Summer Wonders Festival and National Day. The summer wonders festival is a month long celebration held in Qatar that celebrates the summer. While National Day celebrates Qatar's seperation from Britain, and is celebrated similar to our 4th of July.
3. Forms of Government- As stated earlier, Qatar is an emirate that is ruled by an Emir, or a Monarch. Qatar has been ruled this way since the mid-1800's. REcently however, the people have convinced the government to take a more democratic approach, and parts of the parliment are chosen by the people now.
4. Religion- The Arab religion is the dominant religion in Qatar and Mosques are found throughout the country. Other REligions are also celebrated due to the wide variety of visitors and immagrants. Bibliography:

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