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Sources of financial info

No description

devin mills

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Sources of financial info

Sources of Financial Infomation Newspapers Contain financial pages Reading these pages allows
you to keep track of financial
markets. Example: The Wall
Street Journal Example: Barron's Both of these
examples offer online
subscriptions as well as
free atricles and data
available at their Websites.
Investor Services and Newsletters Investor services- provide
extensive financial data to
clients. Examples: Moody's Investors Service
Standard and Poor's Reports
Value Line Many investors subscribe to weekly
or monthly investment newsletters,
which give them the latest financial
data and information. Financial Magazines Most of them interpret
financial data and give
opinions and
Weekly Magazines:
Business Week
Monthly Magazines:
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
The Economist Brokers All in all they pretty much give you advise and suggestions on how to invest you money based on what type of investor you are. But keep in mind they make money off of you investment and the better your investment is the more there paid, so they will try their best for you now a day you can manage you account online now too Many banks, credit unions andsaving and loans have discount brokers available for customers Best BROKERS EVERS Financial Advisers Also called Certified Financial Planner. People who are trained to give you financial advise, such as how to spend your money, or if you can buy something Annual Reports Annual reports is a summary of a corporation's financial results These are done for you can see the results for the year and prospects for the future Inverstors use these reports to make plan on investing examples: The END The END The END The END The END The END The END The END
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