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Leo A.G.

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of unknown

Leo Grotte
World Geography
Period 7
Mr. Ledo
Cultures and Religions
The five main religions are:
This is a picture of Jesus Christ, the son of God, and the leader of all christian religions, drawn by eight-year-old Akiane Kramarik who spoke to Jesus in her dreams.
Buddha is not a god. Budha was a man who created buddhism 2,500 years ago. Buddhists believe that there is no purpose to life. Buddhists also believe that if you do something bad in this life you will be reborn into another person, a demon, an animal, a god, or a ghost and not go into Nirvana which is a state of peace.
A statue of Buddha
What Jews Believe
Believe that one person can not die for another's sins.
They believe that Jesus was not the messiah.
They don't believe in original sin (that Adam and Eve committed the first sin that we all are incarnated with.)
Jews don't believe in the holy trinity (the father the son and the holy spirit.)
The star of David, the Jewish symbol.
Islamic people believe that the prophet Mahammad was sent from God as a messiah like Christians believe Jesus was sent by God.
2nd largest religion in the world.
A picture of Muhammad, the islam prophet
Believe in more than one god.
3rd largest religion in the world
Hindu differs from many other religions because it does not have; a single founder, a single holy book, the concept of a prophet and many other differences.
Shiva, the hindu god of creation and destruction
These are a few different symbols of different religions.
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