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Important Dates in Islam

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KAitlin Stippich

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Important Dates in Islam

Important Dates in Islam
Guiding Questions
c: 570 CE
c: 610 CE
c: 622 CE
c: 680 CE
c: 633 CE
1. Why is or isn't this date a holiday or celebrated?

2. Is there a date in another religion that is similar?
Muhammad is Born in Mecca
Muhammad is visited by the Angel Gabriel
Muhammad and his followers travel to Mecca
Muhammad dies
Death of Husayn marks beginning of the Shi' at Ali (party of Ali)
Main Ideas
1. These three religions have a lot of similar dates, meaning they have stuff in common between them

2.Just because these dates are not celebrated as holidays doesn't mean the religion doesn't think they are important.

3. Even though these religions have different beliefs they are similar in a lot of ways.

4. Their religion was all hated at one point in their history

5. It is important to learn about the history of the religion in order to fully understand it.
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