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LSA2010 Criminology

My sources! http://psychology.about.com/od/developmentalpsychology/a/sociallearning.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_learning_theory http://www.freeessays.cc/db/44/smu105.shtml http://www.bookrags.com/wiki/Labeling_theory http://en.wikipedia.org/w

Chelsea Thiering

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010 Criminology

Criminology Social Learning Theory This is the theory that
people learn new behavior
through reinforcement and
punishment It has 4 main stages of
of imitations.
They are close contact, imitation
of superiors, understanding of concepts
and role model behavior. In criminology, the social learning theory
is used by combining variables from an environment
in which the person is accustomed to. Some examples of the social learning theory.
A parent watching their child and seeing the influence of other children to their child. Like if a child is nice to another child,
it should influence another to display the
same actions. Criminal Act and Social Learning Thoery An child that becomes a serial killer,
is often introduced to this by a humiliating
experience. Many can't distingush between the
rewarding and the non-rewarding experiences
that they go through during their lives. Many times the individual becomes
frustrated from what happened, they
then choose vulnerable outlets for
ttheir aggression u A case example of this
would be Ted Bundy. After
is girlfriend called off their
engagement, he started targeting
woment thatreminded him of her.
Just the resemblance of the women
set him off. Labeling Theory Labeling theory is based on the
tendancy of majorities to nagatively
label the minorities from their tendancies
as a person. It's concerning how the self
identity and behavior of individuals
may be determined by the terms used to describe
or classify them.
Each indiviadual person knows how
they are judged by others because
they have attempted many different
roles or functions in social interations. Say for instance, family and friends
may judge differently than random people.

Then more representative individuals, like
police officers, may be able to make better
judgements about a person. If someone is classified as a criminal,
is thought that they have little choice
so show people that they aren't a criminal.
So because of this, they commit crimes. Many people are stereotyped by
age, gender, race, and even social class. Society seems to use more specific labels,
such as murderer, rapist and child abuser. Labeling someone with a mental illness
are usually portrayed as an unpredictable person,
they can even be dangerous and unable to care about themselves.
But this isn't entirely true. It's just someone saying
what they want to make themselves believe about people that have
a mental illness. There is actually 2 types of labeling.
Hard labeling is when a person believes that
mental illness doesn't exist and is just a deviance
of society. Soft Labeling is for the people that believe that mental
illess does actually exist in todays society. Anomie Anomie means the personal feeling
from the lack of norms It's usually talked about between
personal or groups and wider social standards. An example of this would be a monarch in government.
They are still subjected to the laws, it doesn't eliminate them
from the standards of other people. Many conditions are subjected to complex
societies. Mainly industrial and post-industrial societies, due to self-determination and a small referance group to relate too. Such as a clan or tribe. Conflict Theory This emphasizes the social, political
and material equalities or inequalities
from a social group. This draws attention to differentials within the group, such as a historically dominant ideology. It proposes both criminal behavior and
conforming behavior. It must be aquired,
maintained or changed by the same processes
of interactions with the people that the behavior
was observed and learned by. Confusion within a society. The view that society has when two or more groups
are competing with the same ideas and values.The group
that is stronger takes control, the other group continues
the roles that they were doing, which is now considered
criminal activity by the larger, more powerful group. This theory proposes that the law and criminal justice system use the interest or the more powerful group, rather than the group that is being labeled criminal. Maasai Tribe The financial crisis of the French Revolution would be a good example.
From the rising costs the lower classes weren't able to support
themselves as they didn't have much money to pay for the supplies that
they needed. The higher classes, since they didn't have to pay taxes,
were able to survive through the crisis.
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