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Florentin Summary

No description

M Stewart

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Florentin Summary

Florentin in the forest
Florentin, a young noble saves the life of Count Schwarzenberg during a wild boar attack.
Grateful for his act of kindness the Count invites Florentin back to his castle to meet his family Where does the journey begin? Inside the Castle The Family Florentin accepts the Count's invitation to stay at the castle where he meets... Florentin soon befriends the Count’s daughter Juliane, and her fiancé, Eduard Florentin enjoys the Schwarzenberg Family dynamic
Support Florentin's experiences & interactions within the castle provide the OUTER FRAMEWORK of this story within a story Outer Framework Outer Framework The Adventure Florentin, Eduard & Juliane embark on an exploration into the forest where mysterious forces of nature (and alcohol!) awaken mysterious behaviors within each character In the forest, Florentin is compelled to share the story of youth… Sie haben Wanderlust... Florentin's Story The woman he called “mother” decided that she and her children must devote themselves to a monastic lifestyle. Florentin detests every aspect of the monastic life that was chosen for him; he gains freedom when a gracious neighbor, Marquis helps him escape. Marquis and Florentin develop an unbreakable friendship on their unending journey; as comrades they attempt to rescue his sister from the convent. Florentin speaks of his travels to Italy, where he was once involved in an unstable marriage to a beautiful but narcissistic woman who aborted their unborn child in order to preserve her figure and ultimately engaged in a torrid affair with a corrupted Cardinal. After revealing his story, the three battle the forces of nature on their return to the castle. Before the ceremony, he leaves the castle and continues his journey to the home of Countess Clementina. Before the wedding Florentin delivers Eleonore's letter to Clementina... The encouter with Countess Clementina Florentin experiences a bizarre sense of confusion and nostalgia when he encounters Clementina.

Clementina appears as a slender, veiled figure, with marbled skin… only when she reveals herself does Florentin sense a familiarity in her apparition. Her vision awakens distant memories with in him. "A quick flush fled over the marble of her face, then she turned pale again; her eyes closed, and she sank back in a faint" (141). Clementina's first sight of Florentin... The Duel in the Gardens Captain Walter challenges Florentin to a duel; in which Florentin nobly defeats the Captain, breaking his sword and disgracing his honor The Journey Continues... After defeating Walter, the rest of the family arrives on the scene, only to discover that Florentin is nowhere to be found... Days before Juliane and Eduard’s wedding, Florentin finds himself in a state of distress and confusion. Inner Framework Inner Framework Romantic Elements in Florentin Each element contributes to Florentin's personal development Definition of the subject
Self -Reflection
Three Stages of Development
The Romantic Bildung Definition of the Subject I.) Family as the Not I. Juliane’s family represents Florentin’s lack of a loving family with open communication
II.) Manfred is his first “Not I”, he contrasts Florentin’s personality.
III.) He lacks his female Not I and longs for Juliane to be his.

1.) One needs a contrasting 'Not I' ”Here for the first time Florentin observed the true inner love of children for parents and the respect of parents for the rights of their children. No one denied oneself in order to please another; everyone co-existed with everyone else perfectly well.” (7-8) I.) Family as the Not I Juliane's family represents Florentin's lack of a loving family with open communication “Manfred and I were inseparable during our stay at the academy. I still love him dearly and wish we would met again in life. We were certainly true friends although we were not suited for each other according to external. I was always wild, jolly, to a certain extent foolhardy and rough. He on the other hand was gentle loving of a beautiful figure and noble face, of fine character blameless, of truly ancient, noble customs, with strict principles about honor. Yet this difference attracted us to each other more.”-48 2.) Manfred is Florentin's first “Not I” Manfred contrats Florentin's personality. 3.) Florentin lacks his female Not I “It is the first heart-to-heart experience I’ve encountered. Indeed, I do carry love in my breast, Juliane, but the woman to whom it alone belonged, who shared it with me… her I have not yet found!” Therefore he longs for Juliane Self- Reflection Stages of Development The Romantic Bildung “Several large mirrors on the wall opposite me multiplied the picture of the figure floating by. I felt spell bound and could not look enough.” “”No Victory or defeat!” Florentin called out when he was alone. And yet the cheerful tranquility with which the doctor said the words aroused something in him that caused him to reflect. Ultimately however, he remained convinced that he had to follow his current plan, that for him there was no other activity than to forget in a new life what had tortured him in the old. That notion had also not yet flown out of his heart; he must look in the world for a clue to his destiny and birth.” “But as he looked at her more sharply these features became more familiar to him. The scenes of his childhood again became alive before him; all the events of that time, and especially the memory of Manfred came forcefully into his mind” -140 “Why is each distant memory awakened in me again. Why is the past, this long concealed grave opening toward me? Why can’t I rejoice in the present moment like the others? Finally, he tried to ascribe his unrest to the impression of the music, which still echoed in his soul” Evaluation
In his story Florentin often interjects how he evaluated his life at that certain point in time.
““Many a thing attracted me, but no place held me firmly. I found the same habits everywhere, the same foolishness, that I wanted to escape. “-67

“Among the many travelers and strangers whom I got to know were several Enlightenment who became very attached to me. They were rich lords who threw their money around to alleviate boredom. However, what they got in exchange for their money only increased their boredom. Their strange humours way attracted me; their boredom great the greatest amusement for me. -57

Florentin struggles to find his Not I throughout the story. An example of this is in his relationship with his wife.
“I had actually never loved her, but now I felt genuine tenderness for her. She was sacred to me. How far she was from these feeling which so delighted me.” -65

Psychological Androgyny
He no longer perceives himself in the other, but in one perspective. His familiarity with the story almost as if his “Not I” in the story and himself had become one.
“Why is each distant memory awakened in me again. Why is the past, this long concealed grave opening toward me? Why can’t I rejoice in the present moment like the others? Finally, he tried to ascribe his unrest to the impression of the music, which still echoed in his soul”
•Inner: Characterized by abandonment, lies, and trauma.
•Inner: His parents are not his real parents
•Inner: Religion ruined his relationship with his “family”

•Outer: Journey on the path in the forest
o“I came to this forest in about the same way I came into life… On the whole I’ve probably taken the wrong path. And how? What if the return were impossible unceasingly forward! What will meet me on this trip of life, or on the life of young buds… It would be foolish enough if this path ultimately led me to the right place just as life leads to the inevitable goal.” -1
•Outer: Journey into the woods with Juliane and Eduard
•Inner: Journey away from home across Europe and into Rome

His near death experience:
•Inner: Sickness as a child
•Outer: Altercation with Walter

Others near death experiences
•Outer: The boar attack on the count
•Outer: Juliane fainting followed by the thunderstorm
•Inner: Throwing the knife at his wife

•Outer: Juliane and Eduard
•Inner: Manfred, Artists

•Outer: Juliane and Clementina
•Inner: Wife

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