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Energy in the Atmosphere

No description

Teja Seelam

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Energy in the Atmosphere

Energy in the Atmosphere Energy is the ability to do work Most of the energy from the sun and reaches Earth in the formof visible light and infrared radiation, and a small amount o ultraviolent radation. Before the sun's rays can reach Earth's surface, they must pass through the atmosphere. Some of the energy from the sun is absorbed within the atmosphere. When Earth's surface is heated it radiates some of the energy back into the atmosphere as Elctromagnectic energy is one type of energy
in the atmosphere. The two radiations are Infrared radiation and ultraviolet
radiation.They both have wavelengths.Infrared radiation is longer
than red light and it is not visible.Ultraviolet radiation that are shorter than
violet light. When Earth's surface is
heated ,it radiates
some of the energy
back into the atomsphere
as infrared radiation. Vocab Radiation-The direct transfer of energy
by electromagnectic waves. Elecromagnectic -a form of energy that can travel through space. Infrared radiation-a form of energy with wavelengths
that are longer than visible light. Ultraviolet radiation-a form of energy with wavelenghts that are shorter than visible light. Scattering-reflection of light in all direction . Greenhouse effect-the process by which gases hold heat in the air. The sky is blue because of the scattered light is bluer than ordinary sunlight. By-Teja, Sanskriti, Sanjuktha
Cowan-1st period
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