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Bill mu

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of EYE OF THE CROW

EYE OF THE CROW The main event In the dead of night a women was murdered and died in her pool of blood. One morning a man was accused of the murder of the women. But Holmes want to prove that the accused man was not the murderer. Plot Holmes was taken to jail because the police thought that he murdered the women too. Who killed the women? Sherlock must solve this mystery or else the real murderer could get away with it. solutions Holmes has found some clues. Help Irene is willing to help Sherlock solve this mystery. Malefactor gave Sherlock a disguise so he won't get caught. Characters Sherlock Holmes: is a boy that is determined to solve the mystery of the murdered women. Irene Doyle: the girl that helped Sherlock escape from jail. She is also willing to help Holmes solve this mystery. Holmes' parents: Sherlock's mom was an excellent singer. Holmes' father use to be a science teacher at a university college. Malefactor: the leader of a gang of other street kids. He is only helping Holmes for the girl (Irene). Sherlock's mother gets poisoned by the murderer. Holmes' mother gave him a paper with 4 suspects. THE MURDERER Sherlock has found the murderer and handed all the clues to the police. THE END
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