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Social Media at Humber

Introduction to social media - Humber Showcase, June 3, 2010.

nick farnell

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of Social Media at Humber

Social Media at Humber Academic Council 2010 June 14, 2010 Nick Farnell New Media Communications Specialist
Student Recruitment nick.farnell@humber.ca
x 5571 Humber Grad! Bachelor of Applied Technology – Industrial Design 2007 Ontario Graduate Certificate – Rich Media 2008 MBA Candidate; Ryerson University – expected 2011 As a Humber student – very involved in ‘traditional’ social networks. Active in athletics, residence life, Humber Students Federation president. Academically focused on design and digital media. You are going to pay me to do this? As the New Media Communications Specialist I digitally interact
with prospective students. This includes social media as well as
traditional web design, interactive presentations, graphic design etc. Let's get to the good stuff. Briefly discuss the concept of social media, then look at how it is being used at Humber find a copy of this presentation at nickfarnell.ca What is social media?
Something that I want to share
Generates dialouge

(and puppies are cute!) web based dialogue
user generated content
digital sharing
sense of community photos
points of view
totally pointless thoughts
Sharing what? Whats so great about online show and tell? Now anyone can be a content producer. Multibillion dollar film studios are not the only ones who can produce video for a wide audience, National Geographic is not the only place for incredible nature photography, and Encyclopaedia Britannica is no longer the major encyclopaedia producer. Anyone can be a
nature photographer, or a movie critic, or an encyclopaedia editor. From their basement. With a world-wide audience. What does this mean for the messages we put out as an institution? Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) some concepts from the video do you like what people are saying about your brand? censorship is not an option people trust online reviews, not advertisements Fortunately for us, education is generally seen as positive.
What about oil companies? cigarette companies? every 5 minutes more than 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube when a current student comments about quality, prospective students are listening More info? Find me in the halls or on firstclass!

You can find this presentation at nickfarnell.ca Thank you to Academic Council! Community building in residence life
opportunities for students to be social
feeling of belonging
feeling of pride

feel more attached to the institution
know where to go when in trouble Residence life community is similar to a social network in many ways (not just playing on facebook all day. Honest!) We (Humber) are no longer the only ones distributing information about quality of programs, campus life, and overall experience. 96% of millennials have joined a social network ignoring something that 96% of your audience is doing is not a good idea What this means for Humber prospective students are getting information online
they are seeking out the opinions of current students How we use social networks at Humber facebook.com/humbercollege
twitter.com/humbercollege distribute information
answer questions one thing we did not anticipate was the willingness of current students to answer questions of prospective students Is anyone paying attention to this activity? 6,823 What we currently do very well:
recruitment efforts Other opportunities with current students as well as alumni some examples displaying photos information about upcoming events
(open house, application deadline, etc) photos with the Humber Hawk were posted as
people's profile pictures (travels through their networks) current students answering questions Congratulations! ItsSufTacular: GOT ACCEPTED TO HUMBER COLLEGE! WOOO! LeSSsh: @humbercollege humber is another school I wanna see if I'll be able to get into. (: My fingers are crossed. Th3_Dream: Happy to know I got excepted to all the courses applied for at Humber (Y) - "Design Foundation" here I come Immediate information Power outage at north campus in November was immediately covered by students on twitter chugzlol: Power outage at Humber... is it just the school or the area? yukobon: is it true that the whole school is having power outage now? GregGoralski: This is a first RT @lnakanishi: #humber the school is shutting down due to a power failure. Classes will be cancelled Roshashi
The lights are put at Humber due to a fire! The school will be without lights for 4 hours! DashEscobar
Say word theres a riot at Humber, people are smashin' shit?
easy way for prospective students to gain information about Humber
capacity to answer questions immediately
ability to show the facilities with photos and videos
prospective students are able to meet others before even getting on campus Where else can this be used? community building amoung current students
sense of belonging
ability to quickly distribute information Current Students Graduates keep in touch with graduates
improve alumni relations
let successful grads speak on our behalf What next? I want to undertake some research surrounding online communities and student success. Does being active in an online community have similar impact to student success as traditional 'student services'.

If you have any ideas, let me know! Do you have something to show off? Send me photos!
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