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Lincolns 10 step plan

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josh grasso

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Lincolns 10 step plan

Lincolns 10 step plan
why we chose Lincolns 10 percent plan
We believe that Lincolns plan is the best out of the three because the 13th amendment is necessary for the advancement of freedom in the country.
( We also chose it because in our opinion the 10 percent part of the plan is to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. )
Punish Leaders
We believe that the best way to take care of confederate leader is to bring them to trial and prosecute.

This is the correct way to handle them because it does not take away from their rights as an American
burying the death
We will start creating mass cemeteries for the fallen soldiers, confederate and union. After the dead has been buried we will pay respect to them through ceremonies.

( This is the best course of action for burying the dead because it is the most respectful way of getting rid of the dead soldiers )
Financial Situation
We will put import and export taxes on all goods coming in and out of the country.

( Taxing imports and exports are a great way to make money and decrease the debt owed because of the war )
Rebuilding the military
We will hold a draft, and we will donate money to expand the army

( No good country can be free without an army )
Rebuilding the damage
We will put money towards the reconstruction of houses

( People need to live in a house where they will be safe )
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