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Scientific Notation

No description

Yuki Haga

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Scientific Notation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Scientific Notation
By Yuki Haga

How many pages are there in the 10000 of Science books?
1. In one science text book, there are 880 pages.

2. It is heavy.

3. There are 28 chapters.

How much distance takes to sun from Earth?
1. Sun's volume is 110 times bigger then Earth.

2. If you take 30000km per minutes, it will take 300 days to go to sun.

3. If the star go to the sun, it will take 8 minutes to go to Earth.

How big the cell?
1. Diameter is 0.0006 cm.

2. You can't see from your eyes.

3.Most big cells are egg cells.

How heavy the small cell is?
Influenza's weight is 8 X 10 -19 kg

1. Influenza is most light cell.

2. It is a RNA.

3. This cell make a disease.
What is the most small unit?
Most small unit is yoctometer (ym).
1. They really don't use yoctometer.

2.They will write yoctometer by using scientific notation.

3. One more bigger unit is Zeputo meter.

How many times does Earth rotated till now?
1.Earth rotate one time in one day. So in one year, Earth rotate 365 times.

2. Earth was born in 46 hundred mill
ion ago.

3. The Earth rotates from the west towards the east.

1. Times that Earth rotated till now.

2. The pages of 1000 Science text books.

3. The distance from the Earth to the sun.
Big things
1. Size of the cell.

2. Weight of the small cell.

3. Most small unit.
Small things
Scientific Notation and Standard form
4600000000 X 365 = (46 X 10 8) X 365
=16790 X 10 8
=1679 X 10 9

Scientific Notation - 1.679 X 10 12 times
Standard - 1679000000000 times
Scientific Notation and Standard form
880 X 10000 = 8800000

Scientific Notation - 8.8 X 10 6 pages
Standart - 8800000 pages
Science Notation and Standard form
Scientific Notation - 1.741 X 10 11 m

Standard - 174100000000 m
scientific Notation and standard form
0.0006 X 3.14 = 0.001884

Scientific Notation - 1.884 X 10 -3 cm

Standard - 0.001884 cm

Scientific Notation and Standard form
Scientific Notation - 8 X 10 -19 kg

Standard - 0.00000000000000000008 kg
Scientific Notation and
Standard form
Scientific Notation - 1 X 10 -24 m

Standard - 0.000000000000000000000001 m
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