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A profile of this historical country and culture

Seyoung Kim

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of skim1

V. Main Performance 1. Theme
2. Characters
3. Storyline
4. UCC
5. Main Performance
6. Expectations Contents 11. Characters 111. Storyline IV. UCC VI. Expectations Thank you:) 1. Theme Collaboration The wizard of OZ Semiconductor business
Summer festival T/F
I.D Plan Team Communication " Giant Wizard " Good Reputation
However..... " Robot, Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow " Trouble
Collaboration Solving Semi is... Why? Jealousy from Others 1. Trouble @ School

2. Finding out the True Color of the Giant Wizard

3. Anger of the Giant Wizard

4. Resolving a Misunderstanding

5. Collaboration enables Semi to Win Dorothy is Blown by a Tornado.
Scene #1 And arrives at OZ, the Strange Land Scene #2 Scene #3 Then, She meets friends. Scene #4 Finally, She Beats the Giant Wizard.
Scene #5 They get their wishes. Scene #6 Well,,, Let's think about it.
Do you really think she is bad?
1. Realize Single Samsung with Magic Marble

2. Common Ground Using a Popular Tale

3. Different Point of View Scene #1 - Magic School Semi's special Talent in Magic
causes Trouble @ School
Scene #2 - True color Finding out the True Color of the Giant Wizard Scene #3 - Anger Anger of the Giant Wizard Scene #4 - Resolving Resolving a Misunderstanding Scene #5 - Collaboration Collaboration enables Semi to Win M:0 / F:11 M:13 / F:4 M:3 / F:2 M:21 / F:14 M:21 / F:14 Outcast
The Top Wizard
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