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Paper Towns Character Analysis

No description

sydney wood

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Paper Towns Character Analysis

Character Develpment
Quentin is a very dynamic or round character. The way he thinks through things in the deepest way possible to make all kinds of connections. For example with Margo and her clues he thought through all of them thinking how Margo would think. By doing that he found exactly where Margo had gone and why. Margo gave Quentin a new depth to his life and his way of living it. I can infer he will be forever changed by Margo.
Character Development
Quentin has the most growth and change throughout the story then anyone other character. He goes from very average, shy and dull, to having a very interesting and new perspective on everything. Margo gives him the power to think of things the way she would. Giving him a new view on things such as how people and how they live there life so materialistically, "everyone demented with the mania owning things." I can infer that Quentin will continue to look at things differently now that Margo has effected him in such a great way.
Character Roll
Quentin's roll in the book Paper Towns could be seen as the protagonist. The character that is only set out to do good.Quentin went on a diligent journey with his friends to locate the missing Margo, making all of them worthy of the protagonist position but Quentin had the most drive and will to do anything to find her.For example when Quentin thinks"I had no idea how terrified i had been until now, but oh my god. She is alive." that he has cared a lot since the first day she went missing. I can infer Quentin has been and will continue to be a very reliable and all around good person.
Paper Towns Character Analysis
Quentin Jacobsen was a very shy and quite person. His life was not very adventurous until the day Margo Roth Spiegelman came and knocked on his window for the first time in years inviting him on a miraculous adventure, which starts to make Quentin thinking and acting more confident. I can infer that it was the presence of Margo that gave him this new found courage. For example "you're cute when your confident and less when you are not." When Margo says this Quentin is most likely wanting to be seen as cute in Margo's eyes, so he tries to act more confident.
If this helped you out let me know in the comments!!
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