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iPad Mini

Marketing Audit Presentation

Alejandro Baloco

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of iPad Mini

Promotional Strategy Techniques used... Market Segment Middle to Upper Class with Disposable Income
Women emphasizing portability Current Positioning Apple currently holds a unique position charging a premium price while still appealing to large demographic iPad Mini Description iPad compared to Mini Pricing •Premium brand strategy
•Price/quality relationship
•Brand loyalty leads to repeat purchases
•Skimming policy iPad Mini = 7.9 inches
7.2mm thick
iPad = 9.7 inches
9.4mm thick Camera Specs: Size Comparisons: Two cameras:
1.2-megapixel front-facing FaceTime HD camera.
5 megapixel rear-facing iSight camera. Record HD video in full 1080p and shoot images.
Built-in face detection - automatically balances focus & exposure, 10 face maximum Other Specs: Wifi-only model or LTE option
10-Hour Battery Life
Dual Core A-5 Processing Chip
iOS 6 Operating System Product Description continued... Pros Cons Screen bigger than competition
Over 300,000 Apps
LTE networks with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless, Price
No Retina Display
No bundled headphones Apple still controls tablet market, but Android is gradually gaining ground Demographic Who in Specific? Current iPad Mini Positioning Apple, as an established brand, owns a substantial percentage of the tablet market

They achieved this market share with a premium product that demands a premium price. Techy
Innovators & Early Adapters So, Why Priced High? Higher than competitors for: Innovators
Developed 'Cult' following
Status Marker How does it compare? Starting at Distribution Strategy •Apple web site

•Apple retail stores

•Apple Corporate Resellers:
Best Buy, Walmart, Target etc.

•Apple authorized service providers:
AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Consistency throughout the creative content of iPad Mini Vendor Credibility: Sales representatives stay well-informed regarding the latest technologies
Creates trustworthy and respectable image for Apple Traditional Media Channels Personal Selling The Whole Package. In a Smaller Package. *The Ads emphasize device size relative to iPad* Techniques continued... Buzz Marketing Viral Marketing Product Placement Lifestyle Marketing Also known as Word of Mouth... Apple's Marketing Secret: Hold Off Ads, Ride the Hype
iPad Mini Prizes generates positive WOM Apple devices were discussed/ shown 891 times on TV in 2011
Apple gets Hollywood stars & public figures to use their products: Ashley Greene from Twilight Associated with hobbies & entertainment venues of target audience
The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) major technology-related trade show Creating potential for exponential growth in message’s exposure
Apple stickers Apple Does an exceptional job employing its promotional strategy using components of the AIDA Model Attention
Action Alejandro Courtney
Elisaveta Baloco
Terzieva Tend to use iPad Mini to:
Watch Movies & Download tons of Music Mobile Device Market Divided into two dominant leaders:
Android Vs. iOS The Competition United States (California has highest sales)
Japan Includes iPad Mini & iPhones Apple predicted in 2013 to go from 51% to 46% of the market
Will lose position to Android powered devices for 1st time Imperative that Apple take a close look at the changing environment & demand needs Team Who said there was no 'i' in Team? iTeam Consulting Group Inc. Who is Apple's Target Market? iTeam App Major Markets Recommendations Maintain Current Position with few modifications Reducing the release cycle time
Reducing the price of the iPad Mini in order to entice the early and late majority
Add the Retina display and the newer A-6 chip Remember 'Revolutionary' created Apple
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