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Mock Crime Scene

No description

Sasha scove

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Mock Crime Scene

Mock Crime Scene

First Appearances, Questions, and Survey of Scene.
Evidence - what was collected, and how it was collected

Zach and Antoine used tweezers to collected the hair and fiber samples Hair #1= Brown human
Fiber #1= cotton
Fiber #2= wool
As a group we then analyzed the hair and fibers under a microscope to determine what type of hair it was, whether it was human or animal, and if it was blonde or brunette, etc. and to determine what type of fiber it was wool, cotton, polyester, etc.

Sasha and Luke collected the fingerprint samples from the Red solo cups, using the fingerprint dust and tape.
fingerprint #1= suspect 1, right middle finger
fingerprint #2= suspect 1, right thumb
Again as a group we compared the fingerprint samples to known suspects to determine if the prints belonged to one of them and what finger it came from.

The evidence left a fair amount of room for speculation, but with the current theory of events, we believed that the victim and the suspect knew each other because there was no sign of forced entry, and there was alcohol involved, we think that they both entered the room willingly and that they may have been sexually involved. However, there was clearly some sort of struggle, of which the cause is not yet clear, in which the victim lost a large amount of blood, looking potentially fatal. We know that the victim was physically assaulted by the suspect, and due to the evidence of a struggle, combined with hair samples found on the bed, we think it is possible that the victim was also sexually assaulted.
Notes - What happened, when, who was involved
we disrupted the evidence while walking around the room
for example when we where taking the fingerprints on the red solo cup we kicked around the ruler a couple of times. Also at one point as i was trying to measure a wall i moved the beer bottle out of its original place
putting evidence back in place after analyzing it
For example after taking fingerprints off the red solo cup we had trouble putting it back in its original place.
Sasha Cove, Zach Bennett, Antoine Labbe, James Cameron, Luke Torsher
Zach and Antoine began taking measurements of the room (9ft 4in b 8ft 5in). We then proceeded to measure the dimensions of the stationary objects. This included the bed, dresser and bookshelf (These dimensions were 7ft by 3ft 4in by 1ft 7in high, 2ft 9in by 1ft 6in by 3ft 1in high and 2ft 5in by 8in by 1ft 5in wide respectively). After that we measured the position of all the evidence within the room in respect to walls. We then proceeded to evaluate the evidence, lifting fingerprints and bagging hair. The evidence that we collected included, Two samples of fibers (one piece of wool and another of cotton), one hair sample (brown human hair) and two fingerprints (lifted form the two red cups, both from one suspect. One fingerprint was from the right thumb and the other from the right middle finger). Evidence collection and measuring took approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
580 9th line, Duro. Room #2
Location of the Crime
Secluded & Run Down
Dry Day, -15 C
Door was open, and window was closed
Lights were on
First Impressions of Scene
made the door the most probable point of entry and exit
Nothing seemed damaged, but the bottles, cups and ruler were on the ground and seemed out of place.
We inferred that since the cup on the ground, it was implied that it was either dropped or knocked over in a struggle.

First Impressions and Speculations
We inferred that the scene was one of assault, and most likely murder due to the large blood stain on the bed.
Key Items to Note
Obvious Pieces of Evidence
Beer Bottle
The suspect most likely entered and exited through the door. It was the only viable option, and the presence of two cups suggests that the suspect was first invited in before the crime occurred.
There were no pieces of evidence that suggested timing.
Sasha Cove
measuring the dimensions and the objects in the room
we sometimes skipped a step
We struggled to take note of the exact measure of the room and also of where the objects where. For example it was hard for us to take note of where exactly was the beer bottle in the room because we did not have a point from where to measure
While investigating our crime scene we forgot to do some steps. For example we picked up the red solo cups before measuring where was the cup in the room.
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