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Duck Here Comes the Future

iSummit 2013

Fred Sanders

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Duck Here Comes the Future

CREATOR Pacino di
(1300s) CREATION The Heavens
(Cloudy, Starry, & Beyond) The Earth Human capstone of creation:
Man created on sixth day, God calls
"everything...very good." (Gen 1:31)

Theocentric? Anthropocentric? Geocentric? Sabbath-centric? Body & Soul:
The Lord God
formed the man
of dust from the ground
& breathed into his nostrils
the breath of life,
and the man became
a living creature. (Gen 2:7) Image & Likeness:
"in some way a concrete
reflection of God" Male & Female:
No plan put in place
for Adam alone, or
for Eve apart. Fallen & Sinful:
A separate doctrine!
Does not belong to the
basic idea of humanity. Duck here comes the future Technology is reshaping and
restructuring patterns of social
interdependence and every aspect
of our personal life.
It is forcing us to reconsider and
reevaluate practically every thought,
every action, and every institution
formerly taken for granted. Everything is changing:
you, your family,
your neighborhood,
your education, your job,
your government.
And they're changing dramatically. --Marshall McLuhan, 1967 "The classroom is now in a vital struggle for survival with the immensely persuasive 'outside' world created by new informational
media." "Education must shift
from instruction,
from imposing of stencils,
to discovery: to probing
and exploration
and to the recognition of
the language of forms." McLuhan again, 1967 again. IMAGINATION SUMMIT:
to stimulate your creativity Powers of Association Forced Association:
Scott McCloud's Five-Card Nancy The Most Practical Associative-Imaginative Feat:
Fitting Content to the Right Form Content: Duck Is your content
in its optimal
form? Is your message in
the right medium? Blogs
Prezi "It pains me to see the beautiful truths of Scripture being plastered about like beer advertisements. Many think it is wise to “get the word out” in this way but, believe that we are really just inoculating the world with bits and pieces of truth – giving them their “gospel shots.” (And we’re making it hard for them to “catch” the real thing!) People become numb to the truth when we splash our gaudy sayings in their eyes at every opportunity. Do you really think this is “opening them up to the Gospel”? Or is it really just another way for us to get smiles, waves, and approval from others in the “born-again club” out in the supermarket parking lot, who blow their horns with glee when they see your “Honk if you love Jesus!” bumper sticker." "Basically I've decided that licensing is inconsistent with what I'm trying to do with Calvin and Hobbes. I take cartoons seriously as an art form, so I think with an issue like licensing, it's important to analyze what my strip is about, and what makes it work." Bill Watterson, 1989: "It's easy to transfer the essence of a gag-oriented strip; especially a one-panel gag strip, from the newspaper page to a t-shirt, a mug, a greeting card, and so on. The joke reads the same no matter what it's printed on, and the joke is what the strip is about. Nothing is lost." "My strip works differently. Calvin and Hobbes isn't a gag strip. It has a punchline, but the strip is about more than that. The humor is situational, and often episodic. It relies on conversation, and the development of personalities and relationships. These aren't concerns you can wrap up neatly in a clever little saying for people to send each other or to hang up on their walls." "To explore character, you need lots of time and space. Note pads and coffee mugs just aren't appropriate vehicles for what I'm trying to do here." "I have no aversion to obscene wealth, but that's not my motivation either. I think to license Calvin and Hobbes would ruin the most precious qualities of my strip and, once that happens, you can't buy those qualities back."
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