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CLIL Unit: The plants

No description

romina sellés torrent

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of CLIL Unit: The plants

Alma Canal Moyano
Cristina Garcia Caba
Romina Sellés Torrent CLIL UNIT: THE PLANTS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE Vocabulary related with the plants issue CONTENTS Parts of plant MAIN GOALS Lenguage objectives: Science 4th grade A1
Elementary 6 Sessions - To identify and describe the names of the parts of the plant.
-To recite a plant poem.
-To mach the parts of the plant with the vegetable or fruit.
-To find words in a different types of dictionaries. Plant types Evergreen and delicious trees Evolution of the plants, what they need
to grow. The part of the plants that we eat Fruits and vegetables Plant names Lesson 1: What we know about the plants? Some questions about what they know. Letter home Wrap up: Warm up: Develop: Say if the affirmations are true or false. Lesson 2: The parts of the plant Warm up: Lesson 3: Types of plants depens on their size. Warm up: Develop: Wrap up: To remember! Riddles Flashcards 4-draw book plants Develop: Wrap up: Show and say game Time to look for some leaves! Learn trough pictures Lesson 4: We meet some trees. Warm up: Develop: Wrap up: Tree list Plant poem We make a "cal·ligrama" Lesson 5: How a plant grows? Develop: Warm up: Story time! Lesson 6: What part of the plan we eat? Warm up: Interactive game Develop: List of vegetables and fruits. Wrap up: Interactive game CONCLUSIONS Opportunity to get
in the role
of a real teacher. A great opportinity to learn about how to prepare, plan a desing
a CLIL unit. Work in group to plan
activities that are age
and stage appropiated. child centered activities
multisensory and with
different learning styles. ASSESSMENT Continous assessment Self-assessment Teacher observation Collaboration and participation in group tasks. Structure: Have got
There is/ there are
It is... Vegetable and fruits vocabulary The needs of the plants song. Wrap up: Taboo game song -Apply memorized key vocabulary and phrases in different contexts.
-Use reading/discussion to gain an understanding of the function of a plant.
-Classify: the parts of the plant, different kinds of plant.
-Identify trough observation (parts of a plant).
- Synthesize new knowledge by explaining the process of plant growth. Procedural objectives:
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