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Mahatma Gandhi By Wesley Assing

No description

Brenda Thomas

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Mahatma Gandhi By Wesley Assing

By: Wesley Assing I was born in Porbandar,Gujarat
October 2,1869 I was born on... Mahatma Gandhi's
Early Life Gandhi got married at the age of 13 year
1,882 to his wife,Kasturba and she was also 13.And also had four children. Mahatma Gandhi gets
married Gandhi was assassinated January 30, 1,948 by Nathuram Godse.He was 78 and if he was still alive he would be 144! Mahatma Gandhi's assassination Acrostic Poem Man Of color
Accomplished nonviolence
Hindu religion
Always preaching
Tormented by suffering of others
Much admired by generations
Archived independence for India Giving himself to his country
Admired by many
Not worried about his own pride
Dreaming of freedom
Holy Belief
In his death we found liberty Bibliography http://www.youtube.com/
www.history.com/topicswww.wikipedia.org/Mahatma Gandhi/mahatma-gandhi
www.mkgandhi.org/ Websites: Timeline October 2,1869
Mahatma Gandhi was born. 1869 1888 On 1882 Mahatma Gandhi got married to Kastiruba. Gandhi boarded a ship to England to become a lawyer. 1882 Gandhi and his wife left India to a lawfrim in South Africa.He experienced racism for the first time. 1893 Mahatma speaks at a mass meeting in the Empire Theater. 1906 Gandhi in South
Africa leads 2,500
Indians into the
defiance of a law. 1913 Here is a picture
of me... My prezi on...
Mahatma Gandhi Timeline 1930's 1948 Gandhi lead the salt march with 78 people over 200 miles away he was joined by hundreds of thousands of people. 1947 India becomes free from 200 years of British Rule Gandhi is assassinated by Natharm Godse Mahatma Gandhi is famous for... 1.Gandhi is famous for leading for the salt march of April-May 1930. 2.Gandhi is famous for fighting for civil rights of Muslim and Hindu in South Africa using non-violence. 3.Gandhi is famous for playing an improtant role in India's struggle for freedom. That is the end for now. I hope you liked my prezi. =) At the age of 6 Gandhi started school and had difficulty learning.
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