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Summer Leadership, 2015

No description

Kevin O'Gorman

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Summer Leadership, 2015

State Report Card

Quick Cycle
1. School
2. Subject
3. Grade Level
4. Curriculum
5. Teacher
6. Standard
7. Skill
8. Concept
9. Student Groups
10. Individual Student

Action Data!
Assessment "pool of knowledge" for making instructional decisions.
Universal Screeners:

First step in identifying students that are potentially at risk of having a learning disability
Usually conducted three times a year
Brief assessment focused on
that are highly predictive of future outcomes
Skills that are "prerequisites" of standards mastery
Provide normed data
PathDriver (K-10)
DRA2 (Kindergarten ELA)
Progress Monitoring
MAJOR component of intervention
Weekly or bi-weekly testing
PURPOSE: Generate data regarding the target of intervention
If the data show progress, intervention should continue
If the data do not show progress, the intervention should change.
Typically given three times a year, but may be as often as once a month
Assess district or state Priority Standards
Measure students' progress through the curriculum and/or material on state exams
TE21, CASE Assessments
(Unit Post Tests?)
Quick Cycle
Teacher created
Chapter tests
Unit tests
Quick checks, etc.
Mastery Connect
State Assessments
You have data...and you've never had this much data! Now what?
High School
Elementary School
1. School
2. Subject
3. Grade Level
4. Teacher (results)
5. Curriculum
6. Standard
7. Skill
8. Concept
9. Instructional Practice (classroom and PLC)
10. Student Groups
11. Individual Student

Instructional Leader and Instructional Doer...what's the difference?

1. School
2. Subject
3. Grade Level
4. Teacher (results)
5. Curriculum
6. Standard
7. Skill
8. Concept
9. Instructional Practice (classroom and PLC)
10. Student Groups
11. Individual Student

Enter PLCs and Individual Teachers
Wouldn't it be nice to know how our students are progressing on state standards...each day!?
Think about SLOs and Standard 10 of the new principal evaluation instrument...wouldn't this information give you real-time data specific to those evaluation goals?
What standards have been taught to date in my school?

What is the mastery level of those standards?

What do I have to know or be able to do in order to answer these questions?

Leading instructional decisions can be messy...how do we create a starting point for action to get answers?
Summer Leadership Conference
Instruction and Accountability
July 22-23, 2015

Ainsworth - and how to access the curriculum

Assessment Data - and how to access good data!

How to critically observe instruction and PLCs - and the Teaching for Understanding Cycle
Instructional strategies and Intervention

Can we agree that we're all at different levels of understanding in these areas? And that's okay!?
Benchmark schedule
Update on MasteryConnect test items
What standards are loaded?
Update on post tests
The "silver bullet" is not a program...it's a process!
Example for principals...
How are we doing in terms of student performance and how is that measured?
*Special session today at 3:30 for middle and elementary schools with Mr. Bowes in the multipurpose room.

ASPIRE and PASS data access
Send one or more - your choice
Am I going to buy a "math intervention" program for my school because of this?
Why or why not?
What next?
Am I going to provide "math PD" for my 3rd grade math teachers because of this?

Why or why not?

What next?
Am I going to blame the "district curriculum" for this?

Why or why not?

What next?
"It was a bad test question!"


Why or why not?

What next?
Is this a demographics issue? Why or why not?
What next?
Is this a school problem?
Teacher problem?
Subject problem?
Curriculum problem?
Intervention problem?
Student problem?
PD problem?
PathDriver (K-10)
DRA2 (Kindergarten ELA)
Examples for Coaches...
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