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Types of Clouds!:)

Tells you the different types of clouds that there are!

Tessa Rohrs

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Types of Clouds!:)

Types of Clouds!:) Cirrus Clouds Cumulus Clouds Stratus Clouds Altocumulus Clouds Fog Altostratus Clouds Wispy, Feathery Clouds, They only form at high levels, where temperatures are very low. Clouds that form in flat layers. As they thicken they produce drizzle, rain or snow. then they are called nimbostratus clouds. Clouds that look like fluffy. rounded piles of cotton. Common on sunny days. The same thing as stratus clouds, except higher. The same thing as cumulus clouds, except higher. Clouds that form at, or near the ground, it often forms when the ground cools at night after a hot, humid day.
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