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A Child Called "It"

By : Jacilynn Hope Woods

Jacilynn Woods

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of A Child Called "It"

A Child Called "It" Dave Pelzer Setting
Two - Bedroom
"good" neighborhood in Daly City
Near bright orange towers of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Beautiful Skyline of San Fransisco Conflict - David is being beaten by his mom everyday and it just keeps getting worse and David is closer and closer to dying each day David Pelzer was reconized as one of the naton's most effective and respected addressing corporate groups, conventions and human - service professionals. David's unique accomplishments have garnered personal commendations from former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush. In 1993, Dave was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans and in 1994, was the only American to be honored as one of the Outstanding Young Persons of the World. Dave was also selected as a Torch bearer for the 1996 Olympics Torch Relay. David has dedicated his life to helping other help themselves. I would absoulutely recommend this book to anyone because this book is touvhing and it helps people better understand that you an become a better person no matter where you come from. It also helps people understand that the people that you make fun of, could be that kid that just needs a friend to talk to.This book puts the thoughts of a little boy who went through so much pain, and makes you feel compassion for child abuse, and if you don't feel any saddness through - out this book, your heartless. This book has put me and everyone I know to tears just reading a few chapters. Main Characters
David Pelzer ~ grown up in a family where he was almost beaten to death, stabbed, starved, and had no love. He got embarrassed and when he grew up he never treated his son the way he was treated. His told his son he loved him everyday and gave him more love than one person could ever give someone. Started at ages 4-12
Mrs.Pelzer ( Mother ) ~ Drunk, heartless, beats David only and not David's other brothers. Harmful to David. Threatens David by playing "games" with him that were almost life threatening Inciding Incident
The book never really said that there was an inciding incident. They just said one day David's mother hit him because she said she was disciplining him but it just got out of control. Then turned into beatings and the discipling got way out of hand. The problem is resolved when David goes to school late and the school nurse takes her into his office like everyday and examines is whole body for new marks or bruises. The principle is called in and David hears him yell that he has had enough of David getting hurt. He calls the police and they call his mom. The officer then tells David that he is free and his mom will never hurt him again. David is so happy that he can't believe that it is actually true. This is what David's mother looked like before she got into alcohol and before she started to not care about the way she looked in public or private. This next video will show you a little bit of what child abuse is. This video also shows how God has a place for each child in his kingdom. Mrs.Pelzer - Dynamic at first cause it didn't all start out as beating David. She started off as a good mom then her disciplining got out of control. Sometimes, David couldn't even crawl away even if it meant saving his life. First Mrs.Pelzer was a nice mom then she turned into an evil drunk.
David - He has a big part in the novel, and he is always kind hearted, loves God, trys to love people, wouldn't hurt a fly type of boy. He never changes being a good person despite the things he has veen through through-out his life so David is Round. *Theme*
There isn't really a theme or moral to this story because it is just a bibliography of David Pelzer's life but a few things I personally have learned from this is : people are cruel, don't judge people if you don't know them, no matter were you came from, you can still turn out to be loving person who loves life, you make you own life choices, and lastly trust God. God always has a plan. David's mother was a beautiful woman inside and out until she let herself go. She gained weight, drank, and got David into as much trouble as she could. David's mother pulled a joke on David to prove to a woman that she was a good mom. So she faked being good and nice to David for a couple of days but as soon as the lady left. David got the beating of a lifetime. She once fell and stabbed David. She just told him to go into the basement and he had to go and take care of himself or he would die. His mother didn't care either way. I don't understand how David went through his life in an abusive relationship with his mom. I don't understand how any parent can look at a child and literally beat them to hurt them and even to kill them. All children get abused. No matter what age. How could a parent do something like that to their child and not care if they survive. David Pelzer is just one of the few people who made it away safe and alive. David Pelzer is a miracle that only survived by the work of God. By : Jacilynn Hope Woods
May 20, 2013

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